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Descriptions: Rozen and Richard (oh my)


August 13, 2016 by Lyn

Rozen cy’Fridmar

Second Cohort

In his last year at the Addergoole School, Rozen has entirely embraced his role as the big bad wolf; although Baram might be badder, Rozen is the undisputed alpha wolf of the bad guys, a position he very much enjoys.

He’s also not the biggest guy in school, but that’s because this is a school that has Alexander and Anatoliy [links] as students; in any normal school or college, he’d be terrifyingly huge. He’s 6’6” tall (200.66 cm), broad-shouldered, muscular, and strong, looking like a bodybuilder (which he is). He has a strong, square chin and firm jaw, often with a black goatee, short-cropped curly black hair, and warm golden-brown skin; his eyes are brown. His teeth are white and even and his smile vaguely malicious, even with his Mask up.

He wears T-shirts and jeans in dark colors with combat boots and without a lot of variation in his wardrobe; this does nothing to diminish his rather terrifyingly intimidating looks. When his Mask drops, things get even scarier.

His skin turns truly black, midnight-in-a-dark-cellar black, absence-of-all-light black, still thick with muscles. His eyes are glowing red, his fingernails and teeth white, his smile an evil Cheshire grin in a dark room. His hair darkens from black to really, really black. He’s clearly unnatural, despite the lack of wings, horns, fangs, or extra limbs.

If you know his innate power, you might be even more frightened of him (as if you needed the boost, right?): he is supernaturally stronger, more resistant to damage, and quicker than a human being has any right to be. In short, he can kick your ass, do it without getting hurt in return, and do it before the authorities show up to stop him.

The only thing stopping him from being an outright villain is his sparkling personality…


Richard cy’Luca

Third Cohort

I confess, I have to wonder at Lyell Nolan’s naming of his children, or, rather, at his sense of humor as it relates to such naming. Richard, for example, was clearly named for his lion-like change, Magnolia for her southern charm, Shiva for… a male deity of destruction? Well. That’s another day. Richard the lion-hearted.

Richard is a tallish guy with tousled sandy hair; pre-Change or with his Mask up, he’s still a bit lion-like, just in the shaggy way his hair halos his face, the way his beard seems to continue the hair , the stunning green of his eyes. He’s broad-shouldered, just over six foot tall (183.5 cm), with a sturdy, well-toned body, strong without being weight-lifter muscled. He’s every bit the cy’Luca white knight sort, prone to diving in to rescue people when he can, and to getting very upset about it when he’s stopped from doing so. When he fights, which is rarely, he fights dirty, direct, and does not bother with Marquis of Fantailler rules (or Marquess of Queensberry, if you want to be roundworld about it).

He tends towards relatively simple clothes – jeans or khakis, loose-fitting t-shirts, often with a sports jacket thrown over it, sneakers – but has a wider range of colors than some; his crew joke that the hue of his clothing indicates his mood when he gets up in the morning. Richard is moody; this varies quite a bit. Lately, with Caity around, he has been trying both to be less moody (less red, less grey) and better-dressed (nicer t-shirts, more khakis and less holey jeans).

His change is, of course, leonine: the mane, primarily, although his nose flattens a bit, and his mustache tends to want to stick straight out, like whiskers. His tail is long, leonine, and useable in a fight; his legs are still mostly human but his feet are closer to feline, including retractable claws. His fingers are a bit shorter, stubbier, and, while not clawed, his fingernails are strong and rather sharp.

In short, he’s one kitty you don’t want to piss off.


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