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Descriptions: Massima and Mea


August 13, 2016 by Lyn

Massima cy’Doug
Second Cohort

From the outside, the Thorne Girls can be a bit of a monolith – the half-sisters have similar Changes and a similar demeanor, leading to them giving the impression of a Wall Of Sharp, clones of each other varying only in coloration. To a degree, they think of themselves that way; but those who have lived with them most clearly see the differences. Massima is the hardest, the stoniest, and, sometimes, the most human of the three.

She’s tall and lean, 5’9” with B-cup breasts, narrow hips, and long, muscular legs. Like her sisters, every inch of her is well-toned muscle; they are warrior women, Amazons, and were before they ever came to Addergoole. She has a stubborn, firm chin, a Roman nose over a generous mouth that would make a brilliant smile, if she ever smiled, dark, straight hair and long-lashed grey eyes. Her skin is a warm tanned brown with olive undertones.

She wears tight jeans, blue or black, leather shit-kicker boots with heavy soles, and tight shirts that show off her perfectly-toned body to its best advantage. Her favorite colors are red, orange, and black, and she has a leather coat she likes to wear whenever she’s leaving the school. The Thornes all wear some makeup, expertly done; it gives them the look of teenage thugs, which both adds to and diminishes the menace.

The Change adds a feralness to her features, sharpening her teeth, giving her pointed ears a little higher on her head, slit-pupiled eyes, and very hard finger- and toe-nails. Aside from the teeth and eyes, there’s nothing specifically inhuman about her appearance; most of her Change is in her musculature, making her stronger and faster even before her innate power.

And her power? Now that’s just cheating – short-range teleportation. It makes her almost impossible to beat in a fight. And, after all, that’s what being a Thorne Girl is all about.

Mea cy’Lindan
Third Cohort

No-one will ever accuse Mea cy’Linden of being unfriendly. Overly friendly, maybe.Excessively friendly. But never unfriendly.

The buxom third cohort girl stands about 5’4”( 162.56 cm), every inch of it traffic-stopping curves. She has bouncy, perky C-cup breasts with no droop, looking like what people wish plastic surgery looked like. Her hips are a bit wide-spread, her butt round and perky but not too big; what clothing she wears shows off all her assets.

Black hair hangs just past her shoulders, in bouncy, expressive ringlets. Her Mediterranean ancestry is clear in her facial structure: Italian with some notes of farther east; her skin is tanned-brown that would fade to pale if allowed to. Her eye color… C? Most people don’t notice, but they’re one of those dark browny hazels that usually look brown but occasionally flash green.

She wears minimal clothing, stuff appropriate for the boardwalk in summer, tiny tops and daisy dukes, miniskirts with thong panties, little cropped sweaters that bare her midriff. She prefers pinks and light grays for actual clothing, brighter colors when she’s wearing less (swimsuits, etc).

She’s seductive, not in the semi-subtle way of most succubi, but more the “these are my tits, don’t you want them?” way. She’s very up-front and in-your-face about her sexuality. That said, she’s reasonably polite and will back down when it’s not appropriate (for a certain value of “reasonable”).

Her Change and her innate power are one and the same, and explain (and augment) her fertility-goddess body shape and flirtatious nature: she’s built for baby making. She can get pregnant at the drop of a hat, has reliably healthy babies in every case, and has them quickly, with a reduced gestation period of just under six months. She probably isn’t being pressured to pop out two kids a year only because she seems willing enough to sleep around on her own.


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