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Descriptions: Lady Maureen and Manira


August 13, 2016 by Lyn

We continue the description series with Lady Maureen, who lives in the Village and helps to raise the children, and Manira, our mystery Fifth Cohort.

Lady Maureen, FoxGlove

Maureen is, to some eyes, a study in contradictions; matronly, sexy, motherly, with a feel of an Old West saloon about her even now, Irish, kitsune. No-one, least of all her, expected the former madame to end up the de facto mother for large portions of the Addergoole progeny, but here she stands, some twenty-plus years into the Project, up to her tiny, corseted waist in children and only a very few of them hers.

To mortal eyes, Maureen appears to be an auburn-haired woman in her early thirties, trim, in nearly perfect shape, with a pert nose, sharp chin, and pale, easy-to-sunburn skin that marks her as Irish in descent. She’s tallish, 5’8.5” tall (174 cm), with high-set C-cup breasts, a round, high ass, and a tiny waist: she looks like a WWI pin-up girl. Her eyes are emerald green, of course.

Her hair is almost always coiffed up in an old-fashioned style that accentuates this impression; some posit that the coiffing is actually part of her Change, since not even the fathers of her children can vouch to having seen her with her hair completely un-done. Likewise her make-up (this is actually documentably not make-up but Masking, since she taught Ty and Magnolia her tricks), which never smears and is always, even when buried in small children, perfect. She prefers clothing with a Victorian feel to them; she doesn’t own a pair of pants, preferring long A-line skirts and button-up blouses for casual wear and corseted dresses with a slight bustle for more formal times. Her manners are impeccable and she expects the same from all her charges.

Her Change is very much like that of the Japanese fox-fairies; her hair gets a bit redder, she grows two fox-like ears in lieu of her human ears, and she has two very long and very bushy red fox tails, which emerge from the bottom of her skirt. She has never admitted to an innate power, but she is amazingly charming.


Manira, once called the Sweetest Poison
now cy’Linden
Fifth Cohort

In most cases, describing a shapeshifter can be done, at best, in vague terms. The Daeva known as the Sweetest Poison, like most Daeva, had a general set of characteristics – skin color, hair color, chin and nose shape – it usually preferred. None of that, however, is reflected in Manira, the face it wears now.

Manira sh’Renee cy’Linden is a pretty girl in her late teens. She bears a superficial resemblance to Shahin. They are about the same height; Manira is, at 5’5”, an inch taller, but she wears shorter heels. They have the same general body shape, although Manira is bustier. Manira has naturally peaches-and-cream pale skin with rosy cheeks, where Shahin’s is only pale because of a complete avoidance of the sun, and her hair is a dark and slightly unbelievable wine-red, not black.

She wears her hair long and straight, parted to one side, although she curls it for special events; her naive farm-girl persona requires a minimum of make-up, but that only adds to her sweet charm. Her lips, her nails, and her toenails are all painted pink, although her wardrobe tends more towards pale blue and mint green than pink. And denim. She owns a lot of denim, and not a single pair of jeans. She owns a lot of sandals, too, most with a small heel, one inch, two at the absolute most, and a few dark dresses picked despite their inappropriateness to the persona, because the Sweetest Poison is, and has always been, a fan of the darkest hues.

Manira has not yet Changed, and no-one is quite sure what will happen when she does. The Sweetest Poison, of course, has a Daeva’s tail and horns (its are quite long, curled around on themselves twice), and the inherent powers to go along with that Change


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