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Descriptions: Kendra and Lydia


August 13, 2016 by Lyn

Kendra sh’Page cy’Pelletier oro’Ofir
Fifth Cohort

Some people’s Changes come as a surprise, some seem to follow genetics, and some seem naturally suited to the personality of the fae in question. Kendra is in the last category. Even before her Change, she comes across as shy, skittish, and mousy.

She’s a pretty girl, rather on the plain end of things by Addergoole standards but fresh-faced, sweet-looking, and with a ready, if shy, smile. She wears her straight chestnut-brown hair either down and center parted or up in a ponytail; when down, it reaches about halfway down her back. Her eyes are brown, too, big, wide-set eyes that make her look younger and more naïve than she really is. She has a small nose and a small mouth in proportion to her eyes but nicely in proportion to her oval face.

She wears little make-up, but generally takes the time for a little bit – eye shadow and liner, lip gloss; she has smooth skin with a fading summertime tan. Her clothes are comfortable first and attractive second, but she does pay heed to style and attractiveness; she’s prone to the dresses-over-leggings and short-skirts-over leggings that are in style in the late nineties; her favorite color is purple and it shows up frequently in her outfits.

She’s not a very curvaceous girl; at 5’3”, she weighs about 95 lbs at the beginning of the school year (160 cm, 43.1 kg). She has small B-cup breasts and not much hip at all; she wasn’t a particularly athletic girl in school, preferring books to sports or other people, and has very little muscle mass

Her Change makes her more literally mousey, her nose getting smaller, with a pink, velvety tip, her ears working their way up her head a few inches and turning decidedly mousey, rounded and furred. She gets a long mousey tail as well, although her tail has a very short coat of fur, as do her ears (brown, in both cases). She also gets a bit more skittish, twitchy around loud noises… but she gets Kept about the same time she Changes, so cause-and-effect are hard to place.

Lydia sh’Valerian cy’Valerian

Fourth Cohort

If there is one person who embodies “waif” at Addergoole, it is Lydia. The skinny, petite girl sometimes gives the impression that she’d float away if not pinned down, and, while she’s friendly enough while behind the counter at the Store, where she spends much of her time, she spends her free time quietly ensconced in a room with her boyfriend, Abe, and their crew-mate Carter. Like Eriko, they’d be happier just pretending this whole Addergoole experience never happened.

She’s, as mentioned, skinny, just barely on this side of anorexic-seeming, just under 5’4”, 137cm, with small A-cup breasts and no hips to speak of. Her face is thin, her shoulders thin, her arms thin; even before her Change, she’s a skinny girl, bringing forth the urge to pass her a second helping at dinner. She has long, straight, black hair, pale hazel eyes, and skin that starts out relatively pale and smooth.

She wears her makeup heavy, elaborate, and black, with dark eyeshadow, complex eyeliner, and lipstick the color of dried blood; she wears her clothes black and grey, funereal without being as elaborate or quite as obvious as Shahin’s get-ups, and her favorite piece of clothing is a black over skirt with a dust-grey crinoline; almost every piece of clothing she owns is in the same non-color range.

Her Change makes her skinniness all the more obvious, adding a twig-like quality to her limbs; like her half-brother Alexander, her fingers and toes all grow by an extra knuckle, although she doesn’t get the claws that he does, just very durable fingernails. Her wide eyes get even wider, and turn completely silver-grey, and her face gets a bit narrower.

Her power is a low-level telekinesis that allows her to float and move about slowly while floating; not the most useful power in the world, but she has fun with it at dances sometimes.

And if you can have fun at Addergoole, you’re already coming out ahead.


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