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Descriptions: Ioanna and Ivette


August 13, 2016 by Lyn

Ioanna cy’Valerian
Third Cohort

Ioanna is, above all, a girl of brilliant, bright colors and mercurial fashions, her clothing as unpredictable as her moods are steady.

Her pre-change “base” is a pretty, tall, athletic girl, with firm abs, medium high-sitting C-cup breasts, and hips wide enough to balance her breasts and shoulders; her arms and legs are as toned as her abs, and she makes good use of Addergoole’s weight room and outdoor track. She has a small, narrow nose, a small mouth prone to smiling, and an oval face with high cheekbones; her hair is black and straight, and she experiments frequently with its styling.

None of that but the hair changes with her Change; what she gets is a skin color and hair color that vary across the spectrum according to her whim; her skin stays within normal human ranges, but can be anywhere within human skin colors, and defaults at a light nut brown, where her hair defaults to a rust orange in a razor-cut bob but can shift across the entire spectrum and change in length from a buzz cut to ankle-length and beyond with little but a thought. She can also shift her features a tiny bit – angle of cheekbones, width of chin, nose, and forehead, length of nose – and change her eye color; her eyes default to brilliant purple.

Io likes bright clothing and dramatic cuts. She tends towards things that imitate non-Western styles much of the time, and you can gauge her mood by how wild she gets with such things – a really, really bad mood will find her in grey yoga pants and a t-shirt, while a really fierce mood will find her in the brightest pants she owns.

She’s a generally easy-going sort, although her friendship with Callista has allowed her to see how bad things can get around Addergoole; she likes to joke that her power would give her a good career as a spy, but it is more likely that she will go into diplomatic work, sales, marketing, or (less likely, but she shows an interest) an exotic subfield of biology (she has a way with plants, and sometimes helps Valerian and Valentina with the gardens).

Ivette cy’Linden oro’Mart-kos
Third Cohort

“…She’s a sadomasochistic nymphomaniac with no off switch. Yes, I’m worried.” – Joff, in an off-camera scene

Ivette is what happens when you give someone emotional control and the ability to eat emotions, sexualize them too early, and don’t teach them any self-control or much of the concept that other people’s feelings are important as something other than a snack. She’s also what happens when, in experimenting with bloodlines, you mix two powerful Daeva-like half-breeds who are both sexual in inclination.

That aside, she’s a really pretty girl. Before the change, she’s an attractive Irish girl, with stunning green eyes, full lips, and an apple-cheeked smile; red hair cascades over her shoulders in the sort of effortless look that takes hours to achieve. Her neck is slender and swanlike, and she has an overall slender build with shoulders just wide enough to carry her perky, distracting C-cup breasts. She’s about 5’6” tall (167.64cm) in bare feet, although she’s almost never barefoot.

She likes to dress in barely-there clothing designed to show off her generous assets to the fullest: short shorts, miniskirts, halter tops, tube tops, bikinis. She generally wears the bare minimum required by school regulation (or, when elsewhere, law); she has no obvious favorite color, but likes traffic-stopping shades that go nicely with her pale complexion. Even her flip-flops have heels; every item of her clothing, from her panties to her winter jacket, is picked with showing off her body in mind. And that was before she Changed.

Her Change made all that More. Prettier face, face of beyond-human beauty; more beautiful curves, any tiny flaws rounded out; smoother skin, creamier, with no ruddiness at all; in short, Ivette is an airbrushed version of herself, absolutely gorgeous. She also acquired a tiny pair of devil horns, itty little blood-red-and-black points peeking out of her hair, and delicate, iridescent green bat wings.

These aren’t the large dragon-like functional wings of Luke and other full-blooded Mara; these are small, pretty things, maybe 24” at the tallest point, the wingspan slightly less than her armspan. She can’t really fly with them, more like hover delicately with a lot of work, but they certainly add to the ambiance.

…which is just what you need from a girl with stunning beauty and traffic-stopping cleavage and the inclination to use them: more ambiance.


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