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Descriptions: Genevieve & Gwenfrewi


August 13, 2016 by Lyn

The seventeenth in the series of descriptions paints pictures of two more background characters: Genevieve “Genny,” girlfriend to Davy & in crew with Richard and Coy, and Gwenfrewi sh’Anise by Absalom, an infant in main storyline.

Genevieve cy’Mendosa
Fourth Cohort

Genevieve – Genny – and Sarita make up Addergoole’s current Disney Princess club, but while Sarita is lovely in an Arabian Nights fashion, Genny is northern royalty, fair and blond. She is, indeed, more Guinevere than anything else: poised, proud, beautiful, and fair, only missing being Named that to avoid the infertility that comes with that legend.

She is tall for a woman, at 5’9”, taller by an inch than her lover, Dawfyyd, and makes no effort to diminish this, enjoying wearing high heels almost all the time (there’s a bit of a 50’s housewife feel to her as well, though I wouldn’t say that to her face). She’s blonde, of course, perfectly blonde, with long golden hair which falls into ringlets if she doesn’t pull it back, hence, she usually coifs it into some sort of updo. She has sky-blue eyes, a smallish pink smile, and a pert nose.

She’s curvaceous enough without really being buxom: perky, B-cup breasts and a high, firm butt balance out a waist just this side of wasp-waisted. Her legs are long and strong, runner’s legs. She prefers outfits that enhance the gracious image – long skirts that flow, bell-sleeved shirts, pastel colors in summer and the muted variations (slate blue, sage green, dusky rose) in winter. A pearl necklace almost always accompanies her outfits, in very genteel defiance to the Addergoole convention that a necklace equals a collar.

Her change takes her hair from golden blonde to almost white, makes her skin all that much creamier, and makes her features a little more perfect. In lieu of the horns that many of Aelfgar’s family seem to get, she gets a diamond-shaped jewel in her forehead, just below the hairline in the center, and two smaller jewels where horns would often go. These act as mood rings, changing colors with her state of mind.

Along with this, she gained a connection with beasts and the beastie part of animal-changes, especially hoofed mammals and most especially horses. She can soothe animals and often, if she uses melody and rhyme, communicate with them; they in turn like her and will sometimes follow her around (yes, sometimes Smitty finds himself trailing along behind her as well, much to his embarrassment).

Gwenfrewi sh’Anise by Absalom
Born between Years Four and Five

In writing Gwenfrewi, I have to sidetrack myself for a moment to describe Absalom: of a primarily Grigori-ancestry line, he is a tall and handsome square-jawed, princely sort, broad-chested, black-haired man with a stunning charisma and a clever way with words. Her mother, Anise, is described here.

In Year Five of Addergoole, Gwenfrewi is a lovely little blue-eyed baby with a charming smile and an even more charming disposition. She has curly black hair and dimples, and everyone loves to spend time with her.

In Year Twenty-One of Addergoole, September 2015, when she and her paternal half-sister (and cousin) come to Addergoole in the midst of the world’s decline, Gwenfrewi is a short but poised young woman with a charming disposition and a way of collecting people.

She stands 5’4”, taller than her mother by a couple inches and shorter than her father by almost eight. She has a curvaceous-ness about her kept under control by her athleticism: a solidly muscular torso balances her breasts and high-set bottom. Her eyes are still stunning blue, her hair black and very curly, her lips full and her features an exotic combination of her globe-spanning ancestry, with her mother’s pointed chin and eyes with the epicanthic fold. Her skin is a warm café-au-lait that darkens by the end of the summer to milk chocolate.

As a teenager, she wears the long, A-line skirts, buttoned-down shirts and vests that have come into fashion in the wake of the gods rising. Her preferred colors are faded shades of indigo and grey, although she also wears brown, white, and black; sometimes she trades out slacks or jeans for the skirts, especially when she’s going to be outdoors for any length of time. Her favorite shoes are seemingly-dressy lace up boots with a lug sole and chunky two-inch heels, good for running in.

Her change sharpens her beauty to something stunning but a little inhuman, adding a faint sheen to her skin while exaggerating the point of her chin and the slant of her eyes and stretching her ears to tall elfin things; her fingers and toes grow a bit longer and she gains a whopping two more inches in height; she looks like a fair folk, lovely and sinister. Her innate power, like her parents, is the ability to soothe and charm, or to terrify, as she chooses.


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