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Description: Finnegan


August 13, 2016 by Lyn


Finnegan cy’Drake oro’Alysse
Fifth Cohort

In most circumstances, Finnegan would be entirely unremarkable, and, although he’d probably never put words to it in quite that manner, he likes it that way. His primary personality drive is an insatiable curiosity, but, since he is rather bright, he learned early on that being obvious about said curiosity had a high likelihood of getting him in trouble. Thus, he likes to stay back and stay unnoticed, and learn about the world from a place of quiet observation.

Finnegan is skinny and pale, thin not so much in an underfed way as under-muscled and active enough to not go to pudge; back home, he enjoyed pick-up sports with his friends but never tried out for teams, not wanting the time commitment they required. He’s medium-height, 5’10” or so, and wears his jeans and t-shirts fitted, emphasizing his thinness. The jeans are pale, faded, usually ragged around the edges and sometimes blown out in the knees; the t-shirts are usually single-color, the color depending on his mood in the morning, and over it all, he wears a leather jacket and leather biker boots.

His hair is dark brown, wavy, and usually in need of a haircut; he has a snub nose and long-eyelashed Very Green Eyes, his only really distinguishing factor. He doesn’t smile often, but when he does, it is a wide, engaging expression that makes others want to smile along. He’s beardless, and will probably remain that way, his chin sharp and pointed without any fuzz to soften it.

The Change turns ears that were a little too big naturally and makes them sweeping, pointed things, the very tips covered in fine green scales and the rest, generally, a faint greenish tinge. His eyes shift further out to the sides of his head and get a little bit bigger; he can move either eye independent of the other. His eyebrow ridges become more prominent, and his eyebrows become thin rows of scales.

He grows a long tail, looking like nothing so much as a chameleon’s (unsurprisingly), spots and all, and with it comes a ridge of bony protrusions up his spine, also scaly.

With the Changes come an ability to blend completely into his surroundings, like a cartoon chameleon, taking on the general color and pattern of whatever surface he’s against. It isn’t true invisibility, but it does go a long way towards blending in.


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