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Descriptions: Eris and Eriko


August 13, 2016 by Lyn

Eris cy’Pelletier

Fourth Cohort

Addergoole changes people. The Change alters their brains, sometimes, as well as their bodies, but the people they end up spending their school time with, the people they are Kept by or Keep, all of this alters the teenagers who enter the school into something different, someone new built on the foundation of the old. Eris… is and isn’t a good example of that. Her Change is mild, and her personality, one might say, was only honed and sharpened, not completely altered, by her Keeping.

Then again, it’s only her second year at Addergoole, too.

Eris is tall and lanky, five foot nine inches (175 cm), without a spare ounce of weight on her body except for her small just-barely-B-cup breasts. Her shoulders and nonexistent ass show the near-emaciation the most clearly; she’s as sharp in bones as she is in tongue.

Eris’s hair is raven-black, long, and straight, her eyes are brown, and her skin is the slightly yellow hue you get when someone of Mediterranean descent spends too long out of the sun. She has a snub nose rather at odd with her upturned eyes, a wide, mischievous smile, and a pointed chin.

She tends to wear snug pants or leggings with nearly-as-snug-fitting tops that are tight around her chest and skim over her absence of butt; her preferred colors are jewel tones, and she likes soft and comfortable clothes, velvet and silk. Sometimes she trades out the leggings for long flowing skirts with thick-gauge sweaters that even better conceal her thinness, especially in mid-winter.

With the Change, very little changes. Her features are refined, sharpened, her skin tone clarified from yellow to gold, her ears delicately pointed. She grows lovelier, a little more graceful-seeming, a little less earthy. Her hair shifts from black to midnight blue, and she grows a small, deerlike indigo-blue-tail, sky-blue on the underneath like a white-tailed deer. Her too-thin body, while still thin, is distilled to a photoshopped-perfect physique.

Her back is covered in tattoos, eldritch swirls of indigo that stretch from her shoulders to her tail and dance around her sides to just barely cup under her breasts and under her ribs. The tattoos aren’t part of her Change; she Worked them herself, and messages in Old Tongue are hidden in the design.

Her inherent power has caused her more trouble than it has been boon: she heals damage, up to and including “dead,” at an amazingly fast rate; however, that doesn’t stop her from feeling the pain. And Shadrach and Ivette certainly knew how to deal out pain.

Eriko cy’Ginger

Third Cohort

Eriko is one of those who would very gratefully turn in all of the magic powers and the long-lifedness of being Ellehemaei, if only she could go back to being a normal teenager. I tend to refer to them as “team No Hat,” those would try to stay out of the politics and showdowns and just get through their time as quietly as possible (neither Black Hat or White Hat, not even really Grey, just leavemealone, kthnxbai).

You can’t really fault her for that; she was tricked into being Owned by Absalom within her first two weeks at Addergoole, pregnant within her first month, and dumped at the end of the year for the girl that had first tricked her into the Ownership – who turned out to be her maternal half-sister – so that her Owner could turn around and be Owned in turn. While her second year was less soap-opera-worthy, she’s had a messy time so far at Addergoole, and two babies in two years to show for it.

She’s not exactly tall, her Change combined with genetics conspiring to make her one of the shorter students in the school, at a scant half-inch over 5 foot tall (153.67 cm). Her ancestry is primarily Japanese, and it shows in her eye shape (although her eyes are a stunning, unbelievable blue even un-Changed) and other facial features. Her hair is, pre-Change, long, black, and straight, although she was fond of bleaching streaks into it and sometimes dying those streaks neon colors. Her skin color is a very very lait café au lait, and she is, still, after two years in Addergoole, prone to smiles and very stereotypical-teenager mood swings. She’s narrow-hipped and small breasted, with a chest that only stretches into the B-range when pregnant or nursing and is, as of year five, slowly shifting back to the A-cup range.

She pays a lot of attention to her clothing, and, after a year of being Absalom and Anise’s dress-up doll, is pretty clear about wearing only what she wants to. Good friends with ‘Lisha, they play with fashion in their free time, and Eriko’s outfits tend to be cutting edge, artsy, or sometimes just plain weird.

The Change gave her hair the same brilliant blue as her eyes, hair that, as it grows, shifts colours, so that the long tail of it is almost its natural black, with “eyes” like a peacock’s tail in bright green and yellow. Her teeth sharpened and shifted, being far more predatory and far less omnivorous, and her tongue forked and turned the same bright blue as her hair and her eyes. She also lost a couple inches – she was 5 foot 3 before the Change – but doesn’t Mask to cover the difference.

With the tongue comes the ability to hurt people with it, while simultaneously causing them pleasure: her tongue does damage when she strikes, breaking skin, and working into the wound a euphoric drug. She can also paralyze people with her gaze, forcing them into complete stillness so long as she maintains eye contact.


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