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Descriptions: Professor Drake & Dysmas


August 12, 2016 by Lyn

Professor Drake

Professor of Law

In a school in which business casual to really casual is the order of the day and most of the staff tends to be a bit laid-back, Professor Drake is obvious at every staff meetings and gatherings (when he chooses to attend such). Although not the oldest professor, he sometimes seems the most old-fashioned.

He’s a tall man, especially for the era in which he was born (early in the 1800’s), about 6’4” (193 cm) tall, broad-shouldered enough that, despite a frame that is lean rather than muscular, he doesn’t look skinny or lanky. His face is pointed, the goatee he sports and his widow’s peak only increasing that impression, and his nose is even more pointed.

His complexion is pale due mostly to nearly two centuries spent indoors; were he to spend any amount of time outside, he would darken to a nice laborer’s tan very quickly. His eyes are nearly black, his hair a dark chestnut color that passes for black but, if exposed to the sun, would turn nearly auburn (despite having nearly the same color hair as Emrys & Ambrus, I don’t think he’s related to them – but wouldn’t that be neat?). He wears his hair long, in a ponytail at the base of his neck. He rarely smiles; his lips are thin and his expression generally dour.

He wears suits, black with dark grey pinstripes, all the time, three-piece suits with the jackets on the long side, although he takes care to make sure the cuts are modern enough to escape notice. His shirts under the suits are dark grey as well; although no-one has gotten close enough to him to tell, he’s one of those people who, it’s theorized, has 14 copies of the same outfit in his closet. He does, indeed, own a top hat, and when he’s called upon to chaperone a dance, he wears it.

He un-Masks only partially most of the time, revealing the scales (dove grey, shading to iridescent pearly white by the ears) that run from his hairline into the neckline of his shirt (and, should you be so lucky as to see him topless (he has two children; we can assume at least two women have been that lucky), like a cloak over his shoulders and then down his spine, where they end in thin, whippish black tail with black rattles). He keeps covered the tongue that, like his son Anwell’s, is forked, the nearly flat-to-his-head pointed ears, and the two straight horns that follow the line of his forehead straight up for about 6 inches. It was those horns that earned him his Name, that, and his rather scathing tongue (his full Name is FireDrake, and that is all that anyone at Addergoole knows for a name for him; his human paperwork lists him as Feu Drake).

Dysmas cy’Mendosa

Third Cohort

Dysmas looks as if he was born to play the role of the vampire, although, if so, no-one told his personality. He’s a generally cheerful video-game geek, friendly with his friends and easygoing with his Kept, the pall of a year Kept by Delaney only rarely showing in his actions: in short, he’s a genuinely nice guy who just happens to have mind control and need blood to survive.

With his Mask up, he’s a pale-skinned Romanian guy with a prominent widow’s peak in his dark, short hair, a smooth-shaven square jaw, and a straight nose a bit bulbous at the end. He’s just about 6’ tall (183 cm), broad shouldered and a bit bulky without being heavy, giving him a look, combined with that nose, of a fighter. He smiles easily and often, enough to show his very white teeth and slightly long canines.

He tends towards button-down shirts in black or jewel tones and dark pants, off-the-rack for the most part, but comfortably fitted (although his Changes don’t require accommodation, he does have unutu as one of his Words).

His Change takes his normal pallor and kicks it up to eleven: the only person paler than him in the school is Baram. He’s not actually allergic to the sunlight, although he’ll get a sunburn faster than is natural or comfortable, but his skin has a nearly-deathlike pallor anyway. His canines become true fangs, long and pointed and hollow. He can’t digest normal foods at all anymore; he can and does ingest a small amount of water, but most of his nutrition comes from human, Ellehemaei, or animal blood.

A stake through the heart will hurt like hell, but it’s only going to kill him if it’s rowan or hawthorn. Also? He’s not really all that OCD, and he doesn’t mind garlic.


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