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Descriptions: Baram and Bowen


August 12, 2016 by Lyn

Barem cy’Fridmar

Second Cohort

In a school full of vivacious, beautiful fae, in a cy’ree full of clever, sneaky predators (and Bowen, who will be one), Baram is an outlier. Neither beautiful nor clever, neither owner nor Owned, Baram thumps through school, the monster in the shadows to terrify the new kids.

Pre-Change, he looks like a college football player. He’s tall for a normal school, 6’1” (185.4 cm), broad-shouldered and muscular, with the flat slabs of muscle denoting heavy continual labor rather than a gym rat’s build. His hair is blondish-brown and cropped very short to his head; his snub nose has been broken more than once and healed crooked. He has muddy hazel eyes, a square face, and a perpetual scowl. He has a burnt-on tan that matches his muscle, the product of time spent working outdoors. There’s no discernable ethnicity except “mutt Caucasian” visible in his features.

He wears jeans and t-shirts, normally straight-leg jeans and solid-colored t-shirts, work boots, no jewelry. He wouldn’t merit a second look if you saw him on the street Masked, just another farm boy, another frat boy, another longshoreman in training.

With his Mask down, his body doesn’t change in shape at all, nor his face. His skin, however, fades to a nasty old-chalk white and his eyes lose all color. Unlike a true albino, his skin take on no pigment from the sun; it appears more as if all his melanin decided to be chalk-white than as if he has none.

His hair, unmasked, is also white, and falls to his shoulders in stringy dreadlocks. Both nipples are pierced, although he generally only goes topless on Hell Night and during other times when he wishes to terrify people. The equipment in his pants is the stuff of Addergoole legend, said to be (by those who have had the daring or the misfortune to go to bed with him) too large for a human woman to take without damaging herself.

His laconic nature lends to the corpselike appearance he gives off; Baram is not one for many words, and most of those are short and to the point. Adding to the zombie air is his innate power, which allows him to shrug off any damage from fists or other bashing weapons, and take a great deal of stabbing, shooting, and piercing damage without flinching. Only Idu tlacatl and the children he has fathered indicate he’s actually alive.

Bowen cy’Fridmar oro’Agatha

Fifth Cohort

What personality Bowen had before Agatha Kept him has almost been totally subsumed by the Keeping; at the moment, he is a sheepy plush toy for her that inconveniently needs to be fed and allowed to sleep and such things. The lack of enough of both of those means that, in addition to being wrapped around with uncomfortable orders, he spends most of his time in a zoned-out daze.

Pre-Change, he’s a shortish (5’6”, 168cm) boy, slight and slender, with a residual tan from summertime and Scottish features, the pointed chin and snub nose, and generous, pouty lips. His eyes are hazel, his hair an unruly, shaggy tangle of brown curls. He’s beardless and will be that way for several more years, with little body fur, either. Given his choice of clothes, he wears baggy clever-saying T-shirts and baggy jeans, beaten-up sneakers, usually without socks, and a baseball cap.

Kept by Aggie, he wears the clothes she puts him in – dress pants, polo shirts, loafers (with socks). His hair is combed when he has time, but hatless, and he wears a slender silver-colored collar, very visible under the polo shirt and very tight to his neck.

The Change makes his hair even curlier, woollier, and adds a bit of lanolin to the mix. His body hair, too, starts coming in wooly, although it’s still sparse, limited to lower belly and middle chest, for the most part. His horns bud, although it will be decades before he has the full set of ram horns that he’s going to grow into. Kai’s wrong – he does have a tail. It’s just that it’s a sheep tail, and it’s been docked (cut off near the root).

His innate power is the ability to put people to sleep. Not that he’s just that boring, although he really is. When he counts, people around him get sleepy and doze off. It’s not an unnatural slumber: shaking them, loud noises, all the normal things will wake them. Unfortunately for Bowen, his power resides primarily in his (amputated) tail; with that gone, he has next to nothing for an innate (now his counting just bores people).


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