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Description: Anise & Alisha


August 12, 2016 by Lyn

The eleventh in the series of descriptions paints pictures of two background characters: Anise, the mother of Ty’s first child, Mies, and Alisha, Vlad’s girlfriend & mother of his daughter Min.

Anise(a-NISS) The Smooth Road

First Cohort, graduated

A lovely woman in her early twenties, Anise’s entire presence is soothing; except in her rare bad mood, she seems to bring peace with her wherever she goes. This serves her well in helping D.J. with Ty’s unruly mob of offspring, and on the rare occasions she spends time with Absalom, Eriko, and the two children they share between the three of them.

Like most of her half-sisters, she’s not a very tall woman, standing 5’2” in bare feet (157.5 cm). Her ancestry is Chinese and Central African; she has a triangular face, full lips, a medium-full nose and almond-shaped eyes with the epicanthic fold. Her skin is warm mocha in tone; she wears subtle make-up except on the rare occasions she’s doing something formal.

She wears her dark hair in braids or cornrows most of the time, the braids shoulder-length and not usually beaded. Her eyes are brown with her mask up, stunningly sapphire blue when the Mask is dropped.

Her clothes, most of the time now, tend to be no-nonsense and yet still flattering, baby-doll t-shirts and jeans or shorts; she spends most of her time with toddlers and infants and needs functional clothing. She prefers blues, purples, and greens, brighter shades of each. When she and Absalom (and sometimes Eriko) go out, her style is sleek over the torso and full below, showing off shapely legs and her still-flat-after-two-babies torso. Even her “practical” shoes have a wedge heel, and her going-out shoes have tall tall heels. She’s no fashionista, but she’d be able to fit in comfortably in most big city environments.

The Change, as already mentioned, turned her eyes bright blue (and her tongue), and gave her a cape/tail of feathers like an indigo peacock; the cape-like nonfuctional wings flare out and up from her shoulders and upper spine, the tail from the base of her spine and, when folded down, look like one solid line of blue-and purple feathers.

Her innate power is a soothing touch and, when she wishes it, an even more soothing kiss. Her hands can bring comfort to minor physical or emotional irritations, and her tongue can heal minor wounds: when Mies’ momma kisses it all better, it’s really all better.

Since Anise is no longer a Student, she doesn’t have a cy’ after her name, but she does have an Adult Name, earned from her slick way of handling things to somewhat dubiously moral results.

Alisha(uh-LEESH-us) sh’ Ginger cy’Valerian oro’Vlad
Fourth Cohort

It’s possible ‘Lisha is prettier than she ought to be. She certainly knows exactly how pretty she is, and dresses to show off far more inches of that beauty than is comfortable for her Keeper-and-boyfriend Vlad. Hanging out with a small group of people who try to distance themselves from Addergoole politics, ‘Lisha could, almost, if it weren’t for the wings and the baby girl, be a normal high school student, worried about dating and music and fashion. Of course, the clothes she wears most of the time would get her kicked out of a normal school for dress code violations.

She has an oval-shaped face with high cheekbones and a small, closed-lipped smile; the rare occasions in which she lets go with a big open-mouth grin completely transform her face. The tiniest gap between her two front teeth means she normally sticks to the little smiles, though. Her eyes are cornflower blue and her skin a warm, creamy tone that tans well and evenly. She comes from an American-immigrant muddle of German and English that means that, while the blonde is natural, the perfectly clear golden color she prefers is out of a bottle (or, when she can coax it, from Mabina’s skilled Working). Her curls are always coifed, no matter what the situation. Her makeup is very clearly makeup without being excessive; like the hair, she doesn’t leave her room without lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and blush.

She wears little skirts and little shirts, cutesy things designed to show off her body (she dealt badly with being pregnant until she started designing clothes to flatter her shape, many of which are now carried in the Addergoole Store’s maternity section), with kitten-heeled shoes entirely impractical for Addergoole’s lush carpets. The colors always complement her wings, although sometimes she wears her mask up just to get away with something bright that would clash with the lovely oceanic hues of her Changes.

Her Change gave her blue moth wings in patterns of dark and light blue, and two metallic-seeming curls that are actually antennae. The antennae only pick up the air currents, but the wings, when flapped, can send off “fairy dust:” a cloud of nearly-invisible sparklies that draw attention to her.

In Addergoole, this is a power best used sparingly.


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