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Description: Professor Reid Solomon


August 12, 2016 by Lyn

Reid Solomon
(Ruadhán of the Red-Handed Wisdom)
Professor of Math

Nerdy, erudite, and middle-aged in appearance, Reid Solomon looks exactly like a professor, and that’s entirely intentional. He’s allowed his hair to go gray, and it’s normally in tousled, disheveled disarray; he runs his hands through it when he’s thinking intently about something, causing it to stick straight up.

He wears glasses, too, which he doesn’t need, wire-framed glasses that serve to make him look older and more “professorial,” short-sleeved button-down shirts with colorful ties, and khaki pants. Sometimes, although not always, his socks don’t match. He fusses with his glasses, just adding more to the “nerdy” posture while somehow not becoming an obvious caricature.

Step back from the illusion for a moment, however, and the impression is rather different. He is in no way a bad-looking man; indeed, he’s quite handsome, square-jawed and gray-eyed. He’s always, except on December 24th, smooth-shaven. The nerdy clothes fit him quite well, and are of good quality (even the mismatched socks).

Reid is tall and lanky, about six foot tall (183 cm), and tends towards a self-effacing posture, hands in his front pockets, except when teaching or actively confronting someone (which is rare). His shoulders are broad and strong, and, although he will on occasion hunch, his posture is straight and strong.

Whatever his Changes, no-one at the Addergoole School has ever seen them (Maureen may have, but no confessional holds to its privacy more tightly than Maureen’s bedroom does). He neither ages nor changes, though the years pass: the eternal teacher.


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