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Descriptions: Regine and Ambrus


August 11, 2016 by Lyn

The Director of the Addergoole School and her assistant are seldom seen apart, although it is easy to miss Ambrus, as pretty as he is, in his Owner’s golden shadow. Although their features don’t put them that far apart in age – he perhaps in his early twenties, late teens, she in her late twenties, early thirties – when away from a stage setting, where they are both very much cool and professional, differences in their age seem larger – he acts more like a teenager when he’s relaxed, while she is always, even alone in her home, very stiff and very prim. Still, there appears to be a kinship between them, perhaps even tenderness.


Dr. Regine(ruh ZHEEN) Avonmorea

School Director

Smooth marble perfection.

Often lost in the chilliness of Regine’s demeanor is the fact that she is beautiful. The physical perfection is a gift of her Change, but it is a chill beauty, more like a painting or a statue than a living being.

She is of medium height, just over 5 foot 7 inches (170.8 cm), but carries herself straight-spined and head high, and thus seems taller. She’s slender, not athletic but in good shape. She comes from German and Dutch ancestry, despite her French and Irish Name, and it shows in her heart-shaped face and strong jawline.

Her hair is long, flaxen, blonde, and straight; when she is engrossed in a project, it will be pulled back in a ponytail, but for public appearances, it is always down, parted at the side and combed smooth. Her eyes are blue, her eyebrows and eyelashes just as blonde as her hair.

Her clothing changes over the years just enough to nod to current fashions. She most commonly wears calf- or ankle-length skirts in a delicate floral pattern and soft colors, and sweater sets to match, with only the slightest nod to changing weather patterns. After all, underground in Addergoole, the weather never changes. She wears shoes with a medium heel, adding to her height, and moves with never-failing grace. She wears a small amount of make-up, the effect subtle and professional rather than beauty-enhancing – in appearance, she would be at home in most office environments.

The Change, as mentioned, gives her no variations from human appearance except for her beauty – her features are perfectly symmetrical and in proportion, her skin flawless, her hair without flaw, her voice melodious, her body smooth and well-shaped. In social situations, even her cold personality is not off-putting, buffered as it is by the peculiar gift of her bloodline.

Ambrus(am-BRUZ) oro’Regine

Ambrus looks about nineteen. In a hundred years, he might manage to look twenty-one, but he’ll probably still look nineteen. Combined with a slender frame, a pointed beardless chin and a narrow, aristocratic nose, the overall effect is pretty rather than handsome, boyish and rather androgynous.

He’s a little shorter than average, at about 5’6” (167.64 cm), slender, with an absolutely scrumptious ass and not an ounce of spare body fat anywhere else. His hair is black, and if short would be curly. It’s long, though, smoothed into a ponytail at the nape of his neck, falling in loose waves from there half-way down his back. His eyes are brown and given to a half-lidded sleepy, “bedroom” look.

His skin is very pale, especially against the darkness of his hair and eyebrows, with the slightest suggestion of an olive undertone. His lips are kissable but not too full, his upper lip a little thinner. His Becoming highlighted what was already there, and gave him ever-moving black-and blue tattoos that crawl up and down his chest, stomach, and back.

Ambrus is a consummate actor, although he wouldn’t think of it that way. He has a remarkably malleable personality, and takes on the roles he is given, living them to the hilt, his entire demeanor changing. As such, his clothing changes with his roles.

When he is playing the proper assistant in Regine’s shadow, he wears a white dress shirt, unbuttoned at the neck, black dress pants, and, sometimes, a suit jacket to match. The flat metal torque he wears as a symbol of his submission to Regine shows neatly under the open shirt.

When he is “on the prowl,” sent to seduce someone, the pants are tighter, the shirt usually in a jewel tone that shows off his dramatic coloration, unbuttoned a little further. Sometimes, on occasions like that, he is allowed to leave the torque off.

When he chooses to highlight his youth, to blend in with the students who look much the same as he is, he wears whatever is in fashion – and then the torque is not only there but very clearly shown off.

*oro’ who?
“Oro,” the third of the name-prefixes, means “belonging to.” Most Kept no longer use any deed- or adult-name they’ve earned, instead using their proper name, given to them at birth, with oro’ and their Keeper’s name.


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