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Descriptions: Melchior, Nikolai, Alexander and Anwell


August 11, 2016 by Lyn

In the back of every classroom are the jokers, the class clowns, the goof-offs. These three take everything with a grain of salt, refusing to take themselves, or the mess that is the Addergoole school, too seriously. A three-man crew, they spend more time than is the norm hanging out with people outside of their crew – especially with Mabina’s crew, Shiva’s crew, and Shahin’s crew. When he is not being used as the rope in a tug-of-war game by Magnolia and Ivette, Anwell hangs out with this crew as well.

Melchoir and Alexander first appear in Chapter 3, in Jamian’s North American History Class. Nikolai first appeared in Chapter 7, and, while Anwell has yet to be named, he has shown up in Chapters 15 (the puckish boy with the forked tongue) and Chapter 11 (the green hair and the forked tongue).

If he didn’t spend his whole life being Owned by Shiva’s crew, Nikita would belong to this crew as well.

Melchior (MEL-key-OR) cy’Mendosa
Fourth Cohort

Melchior is a stocky, cheerful boy, rather short (5’6”, 167.64 cm), with a laid-back attitude towards the world. His face is round, topped with a thatch of sandy hair and bottomed by a prominent round chin; to fill out the round theme, his nose is on the small end of bulbous, his eyes a brilliant green.

He tends to come off as cocky, and he is, with his Mask up, sure of himself and his place in the world. His failures don’t seem to bother him at all, and his successes only make him cockier; this is a guy who can get 24 questions wrong on a 25-question test, and be bragging about the one he got right.

His clothing is prep-school more than public school – button-down shirts, ties that range from outrageous to conservative, depending on his mood, but never tied properly, and khakis.

Melchior is one of the few people who wears his Mask almost constantly, rather than leaving it down, as most Addergoole students do after the first week of school. With his Mask down, he’s quieter, more retreating, and less sure of himself: People notice the ears, first – they would, if they stood up straight, protrude a couple inches above the top of his head, with a top edge most reminiscent of lettuce. They don’t stand up straight though, instead flopping down, basset-hound-like. His eyes are an allover crayon-yellow, with slit pupils that do give him better night vision, but also add to the overall inhumanity of his appearance.

Putting the finishing touch on that is his jaw, which sticks out as with a slight overbite to accommodate his teeth – half again as many as a normal human mouth, and the front half of them sharp and pointy.

The rest of his body remains human in appearance, almost as if making up for the mess made of his face.

Nikolai (nih-ko-LAI) cy’Pelletier*
Fourth Cohort

Nick is the perpetual sidekick, and he’s content that way. The mellow Russian boy is two inches taller than his best friend, but somehow manages to come off as shorter in most social situations.

His eyes are a soulful blue that could probably get him girls if he weren’t too shy to try; he has facial fuzz (a short goatee), unlike many of the students at Addergoole, and his hair is a sun-kissed brown-blonde, relatively short and styled just enough that it looks like it wasn’t styled at all.

His whole appearance, actually, has a bit of that careful casualness to it – t-shirts and jeans a little too new (or factory-aged), the “in” sneakers, nails short enough to be manly, but neatly trimmed. If it hadn’t been for Addergoole and the Change, Nikolai could have been a model; his shyness only reaches to talking, and not to being looked at. While he spends most of his time with his face in a laptop, he carries himself with a certain awareness of his posture and appearance that most boys his age don’t have.

That being said, Nick is one of the people you’d expect, like Melchior, to keep his mask up – but he doesn’t. He seems to carry the Changes to his body as yet another thing to show off, despite the slightly monstrous appearance they lend to him:

Thick bone ridges curve over his eyes in lieu of eyebrows (and in some other places where humans would have hair). From his hairline curl two almost cute ram’s horns, that hook back around behind his ears – like the brow ridges, they are made of overlapping, segmented plates of bone; they look flexible and do have a small amount of movement to them, unlike normal horns.

The most deforming of all, however, are the tusks, two oversized teeth that protrude down from his upper jaw, brushing his chin, giving him a look something like a saber-toothed tiger, and impede his speech.

Bone armor covers most of his major joints, giving him a certain stiffness to his movements, and runs down the back of his spine.

Alexander cy’Luca*
Third Cohort

The first thing you notice about Alex is his height – if he were in any other school, he’d easily be the tallest person there. In Addergoole, at seven foot one, he has to settle for being second tallest.

He has his mother’s eyes, wide-set and violet, but his hair is black where his mother’s is white. He wears it cropped short; if he let it get long, it would be unruly and curly. He has a square jaw, a strong nose, and the sort of face that is on the thin line between masculine and Neanderthal. His skin is a deeply-tanned bronze, and he has the body of a weightlifter.

He could be vain, but he doesn’t have Nikolai’s self-conscious showmanship about his body: he is muscular because he likes being strong, not because he likes being pretty. Of all of this crew, he is probably the brightest, and the least interested in any of it; school, even Addergoole, bores him, and it shows in his every mood and word. He dresses to match his surroundings – button-downs and blue jeans, for the most part.

With his Mask down – and in that, he varies depending on company (for example, around Melchior, he keeps his Mask up ) – he’s just as tall and muscular. His richly-tanned skin, though, is, in his true form, a deep maroon, with highlights of a deeper, nearly-black hue.

His fingers and toes stretch, narrow, and end in extra-knuckle semi-retractable claws. Given the choice, he doesn’t wear shoes; when he does, they’re usually sandals, even in winter.
Anwell cy’Linden *

Fourth Cohort

What personality Anwell had when he came to Addergoole has been mostly subsumed by a year Belonging to Ivette, a supernaturally beautiful Third Cohort girl, and, now, by Magnolia’s overwhelming presence.

When he spends time with the crew, however, he slowly relaxes – never a loudmouth, he does become mischievous and playful when out from under the girls’ thumbs, prone to sliding in just a couple very sharp, funny, barbed words at exactly the right moment in a conversation.

When he’s not showing off, he wears his long hair straight down his back, the front cut shorter so that it hangs in his eyes, the top layer bleached blonde over a chestnut under layer. It nearly covers his eyes (hazel, with a slight slant to them), leaving his puckish, upturned nose sticking out of the fringe.

He wears black bondage pants, or baggy, soft, straight-legged pants (usually also black) with shirts of soft, pettable materials that show off his lean body – and he is lean, nearly to the point of emaciation, making him look smaller than his 5’9” – and owns a variety of black boots to suit his mood. His skinniness, combined with his smooth-chinned pointed face, makes him look younger than he is, although his occasional use of eyeliner moves him further from “young” and closer to “androgynous.”

With his Mask down, very little changes. His skin is pale normally; it gets just a little paler. His hair was long and bleached – he changes its color with his mood, shifting from red to blue to green to purple; his eyes normally shift to match.

Snake scales run down his spine, and they, too, change color with his mood; they end in a bone-rattle tail that he always keeps tucked down the back of his pants. His tongue, his most striking change, is long and forked.

*cy’ who?
Pronounced “key” or “kay-uh,” cy’ means “student of;” and is used as a surname to mark the step from Mother-Child relationship to Mentor-Student (considered the necessary middle stage in Ellehemaei development between Child and Adult).


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