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Descriptions: Mabina-and-Cassidy


August 11, 2016 by Lyn

Mabina(may-BEE-nuh) and Cassidy(CASS-ih-dee) cy’Solomon

Third Cohort

Mabina and Cassidy, with their Masks up, or before their Becoming:

At a glance, words like earthy, county, and outdoorsy might be applied to them. Both have a well-baked, outside-all-summer tan and rather no-nonsense hairdos; Cassidy’s chestnut hair is short and tousled, laying in a haphazard and low-maintenance manner, while Mabina’s sorrel hair is worn long and straight, halfway down her back and usually pulled into a single braid.

Cass’s eyes are hazel; ‘Bina’s are brown. Cassidy stands about 5’10” (177.8 cm), Mabina is 5’8” (172.8 cm). Both are lithe and relatively slender; Cassidy has broadish shoulders and work-muscled chest and arms; Mabina has an athletic body with small breasts, a flat stomach, and boyish hips. Cass has a stubborn chin and a pug nose; Mabina has a button nose and a pointed chin.

They tend towards easy clothes; blue jeans and t-shirts for the most part, although, in recent times, Mabina has been favoring scoop-necked soft jersey dresses in a wide range of colors. Cassidy wears cowboy jeans: fitted in the ass and boot-cut at the ankles; while Mabina’s are similarly cut, they fit her figure a bit differently, clinging to every slim line and curve of her.

They both are easy to smile but generally serious people, rooted, responsible, and ready in a crisis; this gives them a solid feel uncommon in their peers. Because she’s prone to neither the romantic drama nor the hysterics some of the others indulge in, Mabina has gotten a reputation as being level-headed, quiet, a “good girl;”Cassidy’s tendency towards wiseass remarks in the background of every conflict has given him a reputation as a troublemaker, although he’s never in the center of the trouble.

Post-Change, or with their Masks down, the two blur and shift. The differences between their faces all but disappear, and they become male-and-female copies of the same person, their features getting a little sharper, although Cassidy keeps a strong, male-looking jawline. Their skin shifts from tanned to golden and perfectly smooth; their eyes, too, are gold, the pupils bronze.

The most inhuman Change to them is their ears; not content with being pointed, the cartilage at the top of their ears has stretched and twisted into something resembling a French curve, bending and splitting and rejoining to nearly the top of their heads.

While identical twins in all but gender, the differences there are clear – Cassidy is still broader in shoulder, firmer in chin, slimmer in hip; though Mabina has never been curvaceous, she is still more delicate than Cass. At the opening of the story, she is past six months pregnant, her belly and her breasts both round, making their gender differences much clearer.


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