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Descriptions: Emrys & Taro


August 11, 2016 by Lyn

Emrys (EM-rees) cy’Drake*

Fourth Cohort

If you can’t stand the heat…

On another man, Emrys’ pointed, beardless chin, smooth skin and long, silky midnight-brown hair might be called effeminate; even his narrow, aristocratic nose could be called delicate.

It is in part because of the natural daintiness of his features, and a certain slimness to his body, that Emrys chooses to carry and portray himself as he does. He dresses in leather and denim, black, indigo, faded gray, and red; his leather biker jacket rarely leaves his shoulders, any more than his motorcycle boots, well-worn, leave his feet; the boots balance a certain shortness of stature; he’s under 5’7” in sock feet (170.18 cm). Under the thick leather, he’s rather skinny; working out regularly gives him a lean hardness but builds no real muscle mass.

His hair is a brown just shy of black, and it worn straight down his back, pushed back from his face. He is pale, a shunner of the day-star even before coming to Addergoole, and the dark hair only accentuates that. He smiles rarely but smirks often, and holds a superior smugness up as a defensive shield. He has not even a hint of beard or mustache, and his eyebrows are expressive but possibly a little thin. His cheekbones are high and sharp on his triangular face.

Much of Emrys’ appearance, while within human norms, is the result of his Becoming; when he Masks, he does so to cover the fluid tattoos marking most of his body, wild markings in black and red that sometimes appear to be writing and other times simply sharp-edged lines with no discernable pattern, and his eyes, which burn with flames that seem to reflect his emotions, from a cool purple through a white-hot intensity. When he can get away with it, however, he forgoes the Mask in favor of sunglasses and leather.

Petyr (PEY-tehr) cy’Akatil*
Fourth Cohort

The irresistible force, the immovable object.

Good-looking seems to come with the package at the Addergoole school, and Taro is handsome enough, although his alternately sullen and angry expressions do dampen the appeal a little bit.

He’s not tall, though he’s taller than Kailani; at 5 feet 8.5 inches (173.99 cm), he’s rather average in height. While not incredibly broad-shouldered or broad-chested, “solid” would come to mind as an adjective for him before “lanky” and long before “scrawny.” And that’s what he is: solid. Rock-solid pecs, sculpted biceps and triceps, six-pack abs, and amazing steel glutes.

His hair is black, straight, and kept in a short ponytail at the nape of his neck. His skin is lightly tan; he is clean-shaven and without much body hair. His eyes and nose suggest his Japanese ancestry; his chin is square and stubborn. When he smiles, it rarely reaches beyond his lips; his eyes and nose stay serious.

His clothes are straight from the more fashionable mall stores, his jeans loose, his shirts branded, or funny T-shirts; he usually looks straight off the cover of a catalog. He rarely wears any jewelry except a single onyx-and-diamond ring, and his neck is conspicuously bare of any ornamentation at all.

His posture is confidant, a little on the aggressive side, as if daring anyone to challenge him. Around women, that shifts to a more protective stance, and he will subconsciously stand between women he knows and the entrance/exit to the room whenever the opportunity arises.

He wears no Mask; the changes the Becoming wrought in him are within human norms and far more appealing to him than his pre-Change appearance.

*cy’ who?
Pronounced “key” or “kay-uh,” cy’ means “student of;” and is used as a surname to mark the step from Mother-Child relationship to Mentor-Student (considered the necessary middle stage in Ellehemaei development between Child and Adult). Emrys is the Student of Dr. Carey Drake, the teacher of Law and related subjects in the Addergoole School, who the protagonists have not yet met; Taro is the Student of Akatil Yixox , the School’s artificer, tinkerer, repairman, and crafter, who the protagonists have not met yet, either.


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