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Description: Kailani


August 11, 2016 by Lyn


Kailani drawing by Tigrin.

Kailani (kah ee LAH nee) Sh’Moonchild
Fifth Cohort

Still waters run deep.

Shy, withdrawn, and uncertain around people, bookish and reserved, Kailani is a creature of libraries and mountain streams, not the complex and capricious social world of Addergoole. In contrast to Shahin, she rarely understands or can affect the way she is seen by those around her, and is at a loss to reconcile that impression with how she sees herself.

Her clothing is picked in large part because she likes it, and as such is comfortable, but not aesthetically unpleasing. She wears shorts, or long, flowing gypsy skirts, or batik sarongs, tank tops or gauzy shirts to match, sandals or flip-flops; in winter she wears blue jeans and henley shirts, or heavier skirts with sweaters, ballet slippers or sneakers. The color palate tends towards blues and sea-greens, whites and aquas. She goes barefoot whenever she can get away with it.

She is rather average in height, at precisely 168.9 cm (5’6½”), athletic in build, and full of energy, although that energy is often directed very inwardly as she finds herself lost in a book. Although she’s not very aware of the effect her body has on the men and boys around her, her active life pre-Addergoole, and the kindness of genetics, has given her a natural set of assets that could stop traffic if she tried; her body curves vivaciously, with high-set breasts, a narrow waist, and a firm, high ass that give her a nearly-perfect hourglass figure.

She has her share of muscle, and her share of the kind of small scars you get from a lifetime outside; she is energetic, and enthusiastic, when given an opportunity to deal with the out-of-doors; she actually enjoys manual labor, and thus has very nicely muscled arms. The gift of her non-human ancestry, other than her brilliantly sharp mind, is a natural dexterity and grace that means she flows like the wind and water that she is named for.

Her hair is red and curly, true, brilliant, orange-red sun-streaked with blonde, usually pulled back off her face but allowed to flow freely down her back. She prefers the out-of-doors, and it shows, her pale complexion sprinkled liberally with freckles. Her eyes are brilliantly emerald green, her lips a little thin, her chin determined and her nose upturned; she is thoroughly Irish in both family tree and appearance, despite the Hawaiian name her father graced her with. Her sweet naïveté and unconscious grace only add to her charm, making her a magnet for predators in a place like Addergoole, a fact she is still oblivious to.


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