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Description: Shahin


August 11, 2016 by Lyn

The fourth in the series of descriptions paints a picture of one of protaganists, Shahin. Feel free to weigh in on the forums, if there’s someone in particular you’d like to see described.

Shahin (shuh-HEEN) sh’Chloe
Fifth Cohort

Cold as ice, hard as diamonds.

The perfectly-poised – normally – girl, perpetually conscious of the impression she is giving, constantly aware of the reactions to her presence, Shahin is always on stage. Only now is she beginning to learn to drop that self-consciousness when around her closest friends. Her clothing is her first tool in creating the image she wants to put forth and, accordingly, she dresses precisely and with great care.

Her outfits are elegant, often understated, always dark – black, burgundy, purple, forest green – and always accessorized, tending towards long flowing skirts or short a-line minis, blouses and shirts with complicated necklines, the fabrics usually rich and lush, the buttons horn or jet, the trim and the cut more often archaic. What she wears varies in extremity, depending on the impression she wants to make: for every-day in Addergoole, her clothes are on the dressy and dark side of every-day fashion, while for those “scare the norms” days, she tends towards a Victorian funereal look. Her make-up shifts similarly from moderate to extreme, but she uses it to accentuate the exotic shape of her eyes and the paleness of her skin; light powder and dark eyeliner, blood-red lipstick.

Her wrists are always covered. Shahin has wrist warmers, hand warmers, gloves, mitts, wide bracelets, and sweatbands the way some people have socks, a pair for every occasion, but her default pair are black knit wristwarmers with discreet lace trim.

Shahin is short, barely over 5’4″ (162.6 cm), and the heels on all of her shoes can only mitigate that so much; her friends tower over her. Her skin is the creamy white of someone who spends no time at all in the sun, her hair is either a deep, deep brown or pure black (if she spent any time outside, it would lighten to a chestnut brown); it is wavy rather than straight and, when allowed to flow freely, falls most of the way down her back. Her eyes are nearly the same color, deep brown. Her eyebrows are dark and dramatic, her lips full, her face heart-shaped with a small, pert chin.

She is slender, and not very muscular, her wrists and ankles tiny, her stomach flat, her curves, while not boyish, are also not that generous – small, pert breasts, the hint of hips, and, under the Victorian bustle, a tiny, tight ass. With slender shoulders to balance the small hips, in her finery she looks much like a doll, a fragile manufactured thing, and that is how she prefers it.


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