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Descriptions: Jamian, Ty, and Tya


August 11, 2016 by Lyn

The third in the series of descriptions is our most non-traditional couple, Jamian and Ty/a. Feel free to weigh in on the forums, if there’s someone in particular you’d like to see described.

Jamian sh’Aza
Fifth Cohort

In Jamian’s mind, his “difference” screams out to everyone around him that he’s a freak. The reality of the matter is that, to the passing, even critical observer, Jamian is a normal boy in his late teens, cute and decent-looking without being in any way very remarkable.

He is of medium height, around five foot nine inches (1.75 meters), with a lean build that will never be very muscular, no matter how hard he tries (and he has). His eyes are hazelnut brown, with golden flecks, almond shaped, with eyebrows that are almost too well defined, nearly feminine. He has narrow cheekbones, and his features, like his body, are angular; he is beardless, with smooth, light-mocha-hued skin. His hair is dark brown, curly, and usually just a little too long, often tousled, curls falling artlessly into his face.

The hair, the warm brown skin, and the features together contribute to a sense of ethnic indetermination – while he is clearly of mixed heritage, his ancestors could be from just about anywhere.

Jamian wears his jeans a little baggy, down on his hips, his shirts baggy and layered, adding bulk to his narrow body. More than adding bulk, they cover up his secret – curves that, while slight and easily covered, are more feminine than manly. His sneakers, as with his shirts, are decently in fashion without being trendy, and he never wears jewelry.

Post-Change, Jamian has a few additions, which mortify the poor boy just trying to fit in: a tail and horns. His spine at his lower back has modified to accommodate the tail; a line of light silvery-grey skin, lightly mottled with darker grey, runs down the lower half of his spine, fading to soft dove grey at the bottom, at his bottom, where a small ridge develops. The ridge becomes the top of his tail, which is a flattened tear-drop shape in cross-section, twice as thick as a thumb at the base and tapering to a dull point; the tail falls to about his ankles. Light grey down the spine, it is mottled on the underside, becoming darker and darker towards the tip.

His horns match the color scheme of his tail: slate grey at the base, fading to bone white at their tips. They are small horns, about the length of his thumbs and twice as wide, seeming smooth from a distance, and they grow out of his temples backwards against his skull.

Ty/Tya (TIE/TEE-yuh) cy’Vanderlinden*

Second Cohort

Placed next to each other in their normal mien, Jamian and Ty are night and day. Jame’ slouches; Ty lounges. Jamian hides in loose, layered clothing; Ty is fashionable even in gym class. Jamian hides his hermaphroditism with an obsession bordering on the fanatic; Ty switches genders at the drop of a hat. And, of course, Jamian is dark, and Ty is fair.

But stripped down to basics, their shared differences give them a shared body type – naked, they are as alike as two Disney Princesses, and could, indeed, share dresses (or pants). Ty is a smidge shorter than Jamian, a smidge smaller in the waist and a smidge bigger in the hips, but, like his sweetheart, he(she) is lean and lightly muscled.

Ty’s face is fine-boned, with high cheekbones, arching eyebrows, and a chin just short of being pointed, with warm, kissable Clara Bow lips and hazel, changeable eyes that slide from blue through green to brown, depending on the light and on her mood. Her hair is strawberry blonde, curly and chin-length, and she has the fair complexion to match. When she is being a girl, she often pins it back with barrettes, or lets it fall in her face like a 1930’s movie star; as a boy, he often pulls it back into a short ponytail.

As a girl, careful and precise application of makeup makes her appear fresh-faced and young; as a boy, his knowing expression makes him seem eternal and ageless. His clothing is metrosexual; hers is sweet.

Because the changes wrought on Ty/a’s body by the Becoming are small and easily hidden, s/he using the Glamour known as the Mask mostly to highlight the gender s/he’s wearing at any given moment. Combined with attention to clothing and grooming, Ty/a is either a cute girl or a handsome boy, completely, when seen in public. Were we to see our happy little hermaphrodite naked, however (as we hope Jamian will eventually), we would see a cute little tail, much like a goat tail, with fur a little darker shade of the same color as Ty’s hair, and feet that end in tidy little three-toed hooves, the fur around the hooves the same shade as the tail fur.


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