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Descriptions: Conrad


August 10, 2016 by Lyn

The second in the descriptions series are Taro’s buddies, Conrad and Vlad.

Conrad cy’Luca*

Fourth Cohort

Handsome as sin, and twice as fun

Conrad and Taro started at Addergoole in the same year, but the experience seems to have been kinder to Conrad than to his friend; he bears none of Taro’s occasional terse resentment.

He stands a little shy of six foot tall – maybe 5’10” (1.78 meters) if he stood straight, which he never does. He is lanky and long-limbed, with hand and feet that would seem oversized even on a much larger body.

His hair, which hangs in a tight braid halfway down his back, is a tawny hue more leonine than human, with golden highlights. His skin is tanned and lightly freckled. His eyes are a grayish blue, his nose Irish and bearing a slight bump as if once broken, his chin just so barely cleft, and usually hidden by a sandy little goatee. His mouth is generous and almost always open in a wide smile, revealing perfect teeth.

He wears his jeans loose and low on his hips, his T-shirts tucked in and in faded “vintage” colors, his Adidas or sandals retro and beat up; he typically has a braided hemp bracelet around his left wrist and a silver hoop in his left ear.

With his Mask dropped, those disproportionate hands and feet are given explanation – he has seven fingers on each hand, seven toes on each foot, each having an extra joint. A long tail, more simian than leonine but furred in a tawny pattern to match his hair, twitches behind him and serves as a fifth limb. Always in motion, he is more graceful than is feasible and more flexible than a human spine ought to allow for.

Although Vlad began Addergoole a year before


Conrad and Kailani chibis by Charnanigans.

Conrad, they quickly became close friends. Due to Addergoole’s weird class planning set-up, they are in most of the same classes and, unless there is a girl involved, are rarely seen apart. They share a friendly rivalry that extends to just about everything.

* Okay, so what’s cy?
Pronounced “key” or “kay-uh,” cy’ means “student of.” While the “sh'” described in Yngvi and Ayla’s descriptions is the name of a Child’s Mother, Vlad and Conrad are no longer considered Children. They are Students, and have chosen a Mentor, so they are now named by his name (Luca, in this case (and you wonder why he goes by Luke!)).


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