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Descriptions: Yngvi and Aelgifu


August 10, 2016 by Lyn

Yngvi (ING-vee) sh’Amanda*
Fifth Cohort

The tall, handsome, slightly overdone friend-by-circumstances of Shahin and Aelgifu. As much as he likes to tease Shahin for her obsession with her clothing, Yngvi is always well-dressed and immaculately groomed.

His hair is sun-kissed blonde, straight, and hangs down past his ears. His eyes are brilliant sky blue; he has a long, straight nose, a wide mouth with thin lips, and a pointed chin with just the slightest hint of a cleft. He’s clean-shaven, and his skin is lightly tanned.

He stands around 5’11” (1.8 meters) tall, and has the lightly muscular build of someone who is active but not a full-time athlete. He tends to stand, not ramrod-straight, but not slouched either, as if generations of grandmothers are whispering in his ear to “stand up straight!” and his gestures can be just a hair on the dramatic side.

Although we’re sure Yngvi owns a couple t-shirts, and maybe even a pair of jeans, his clothing at Addergoole tends more towards prep-school casual: khakis (pressed) and button-down shirts.

Aelgifu (ale-GEE-fu) sh’Marienne*
Fifth Cohort

The crowd-shy friend-by-circumstance of Yngvi and Shahin, Ayla is not so much unaware of her beauty as distressed by it. While she is by no means a slob, she tends to dress down, preferring jeans and baby-doll t-shirts to the more complex or ornate clothing of her friends.

Her hair is a shade lighter than Yngvi’s, a bright sunny blonde, and straight. While she often keeps it in a ponytail, when down, it hangs in a slightly layered cut halfway down her back. Her eyebrows are barely darker than her hair, framing cornflower-blue eyes and a pert nose. Her face is oval, without sharp angles, but her chin is as adorably pert as her nose; between them, her lips are just a little full. She avoids make-up for most occasions, but her skin is clear and has the remnants of a summer tan.

She is nearly 5’8” (1.73 meters) tall, with a model’s build – slimly curvaceous, with long, toned legs. She has a habit of curling around her notebook, slouching forward, when nervous, but when relaxed, she leans back, arching her back. Her nails are short and well-trimmed, usually painted with a light pink or rose-coloured polish.

Although Ayla and Vee are by no means twins (Vee is more angular, Ayla a little softer), the set of their eyes, the shape of their foreheads, and their very similar colorations led Kailani to posit (early in Chapter Two, and half-correctly; see Interlude One) that the two could be siblings.

* What’s this sh’?
The sh’ that Regine and her staff use in Interlude 2 is a matronymic; “Yngvi sh’Amanda” is “Yngvi, child of Amanda.” As Conrad explains very briefly to Kailani in Chapter 8.5, the Law used by the inhabitants of Addergoole states that a child belongs to its mother until it becomes a student; while they are no longer children in the world they grew up in, until the Fifth Cohort chooses Mentors, they are still considered children by this Law.


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