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Question: Arranged Arrangements?


August 10, 2016 by Lyn

Will the staff members sometimes “encourage” certain pairs to get close to one another, in order to pass on certain traits? Or do they just keep extremely careful records and hope for the best?
Dr. Caitrin answers:

Officially, it is school policy that, while we require two children from each student, we allow the students to choose with whom they have those children.

Unofficially, of course, the story is something a bit different. You’ve heard Dr. Regine speak on Ty and Jamian, of course. That is working out better than even she had hoped, and certainly better than I had feared.

Some situations create themselves – while Dr. Regine is pleased with the Shahin and Emrys pairing, we did nothing to encourage that one. We didn’t need to, either; they gravitated towards each other in a way that seems almost improbable. Magic is a strange thing sometimes.

There have been other situations where we have given a little nudge to the proceedings, either a suggesting from a Mentor – Holly and Tristan, for instance – or some more subtle manipulation – as in the case of Anise and Ty. In both cases, the desire was to link two strong lines, as with Ty and Jamian as well, and Ty and Nikita.

Ty does a very good job of spreading its father’s genes around, with our without our nudging. It’s helped the program more than any other single student to date.

Now if only it had gotten some skill with hearts, too…


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