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Question: Object Lessons


August 10, 2016 by Lyn

Are all magic classes taught outside, or simply in an area that passes for outside? I am curious as to what safety measures are in place.

Doug, assistant PE teacher/porter/guard, answers:

Well, I teach my classes in the back room of the gym. Generally, only the teachers who are handling one of the natural elements – like Shira Pelletier with eperu, earth, and Laurel Valerian with kaana, air – take their classes out of the school. Laurel doesn’t have to – there’s plenty of air inside – she just likes to be outdoors.

Most new students can’t do any real damage with their Workings. There have been a few – a single spark shorted out the electronics, once, that was fun. And we had a prodigy in tlacatl, she calls it Body, who got angry and made a real mess of things. Not so much fun.

An average student, though, can maybe move a current a little, make someone feel a little different, at least at first. So I don’t worry so much about their first year.

After that – well, the best safety measure you can have, the only one, really, is a teacher who knows how to Work better than the student and is fast on his feet. This is warping reality – padding and a net aren’t going to help much.

And yes, I’ve managed to put back everything someone has broken. I’m glad I’m not the teacher for hugr.


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