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Question: Following the Rules


August 9, 2016 by Lyn

MysticalMage asks: Does every student have to parent two children, or just the males? If both sexes, do Ty (and Jamian) have to parent four?

Professor VanderLinden answers:

That’s a very good question, Tara. Why don’t you come on into my office so we can discuss it? Have a seat, there you go.

The way that Regine set up the graduation requirements, every student, male, female, or hermaphroditic, like Ty and Jamian, has to parent two children. Regine would have preferred to demand that the two children be with two separate people, but in cases like Mabina and Cassidy, that would be far too cruel, and potentially impossible. Still, the encouraged predation did, in the first couple years, serve to do much the same, without making it a requirement.

It still does, of course, and then you have students like Ty, who simply take it on themselves to spread their genes as far as possible. I wish I could say it didn’t run in the family… well, no, not really. There’s more than one reason there’s more Daeva than Grigori or Mara.

But the predation… I do think we underestimated how vicious people who were essentially human teenagers could be. Well, Regine and I did, though Luca tried to tell us. I do regret how much truly bad stuff slipped past our radar the first few years – especially once the students learned that we didn’t, really couldn’t, monitor within their rooms. And yes, Luca will tell you that the worst offenders are all cy’Linden, and that none have ever been cy’Luca, and he’ll be at least half wrong. Ib isn’t mine, for one.

But having set it up, I’m not sure how we can stop it. Between you and I, Tara, I’m not sure Regine wants to stop it. The cycle begets her more children, after all, and it raises a generation of Ellehemaei who are hard, cynical, and distrustful – which in itself isn’t bad armor against the Nedetakaei.

If they don’t rebel so badly that they become Oathbreakers themselves.

Has anyone ever said no? Said that they would not participate? If so, who?

Well, you may have noticed that system encourages upperclassmen to Own the underclassmen, so a good number of students never get the chance to say no, and another large portion are pregnant or have impregnated someone before they realize what’s going on. A good number of those students are, understandably, rather annoyed with their partner or Keeper and with the Administration, once they find out what’s going on. I know that both Shiva and Nikita were more than a little irate with Ty, for example, and that’s not counting really bad situations like Eris’ or Joff’s.

Eriko fought us tooth and nail, but eventually saw reason, or at least something similar. Richard and Finn both were reluctant, but finding women they care for, who seem to care in return, did for them what exhaustion did for Eriko. And then there’s Aka, who’s another story altogether.

Was this scheme Regine’s idea?

Ah, yes, well, mostly. All three of us added our touches to it, no matter what Luca tells you, and the other staff helped refine it once we recruited them.

I know it sounds inhumane and horrible, Tara, and certainly there are places where we could improve, where we could – and hopefully will – make things easier for the students. But if you knew what was coming, perhaps you’d see why we have to do this.

What about gay students?

Well, we’ve had a few, not students like, again, Ty, who are, shall we say preference-flexible, but those who truly prefer the company of their own sex. In some unfortunate cases, again, Joff, those students were caught in a relationship that forced them into situations they weren’t predisposed for. In situations where the Administration or the older students catch on quickly enough, there are alternatives.

We do, after all, have command of magic and skills far beyond human, far beyond current technology. Artificial insemination isn’t that much of a stretch for us – at least, for Dr. Caitrin and I.

Ah, yes, but the sperm or the egg have to come from somewhere. Well, things can normally be arranged to everyone’s satisfaction; considering the environment here, it’s never been a problem to find two who are willing. If absolutely all else fails (it does mess with Regine’s data a bit) we could… change one half of say a lesbian couple to be able to provide the sperm for an insemination.

What about infertility?

Although that sometimes becomes a problem with older Ellehemaei – not with me, so very clearly – the weaker the blood of the gods, the less likely it is to be a problem.

That being said, yes, of course, sometimes humans have infertility issues, and sometimes those problems will affect the Faded and the half-breeds. We screened the original participants in this program very carefully. No genetic problems leading to infertility exist in any of Addergoole’s students.

Of course, there are other causes – injury, disease, and such. Again, there is very little Caitrin or I can’t handle, and such a simple problem as that could even be solved by one of the older students (I believe one student has found a way to Work that in reverse, but I won’t tell Regine if you don’t).


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