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Question: Be All That You Can Be


August 8, 2016 by Lyn

Do all fae and half-fae go through a Becoming? If not, is there something about Addergoole that prompts Becomings?

Laurel Valerian answers:

To answer any question about the Ellehemaei, the fae, you first have to understand that, in answering the question, we’re talking about “right now,” not, “the way things were;” more than that, we’re also talking about “the people we know,” not fae in other countries or other realms.

This is important. Because the Ellehemaei keep very very few written records (This is mostly a security issue: imagine the mess if a modern-day conspiracy theorist got their hands on, say, a Grigori history book!), and memory is a notoriously fallible method of keeping a history, although still more accurate (usually) than archeology, we have very little information on how things were five hundred years ago, or a thousand years ago, or in the times before the Split.

Because we have very little overarching society – less so, if the stories are to be believed, now than ever before – we don’t keep touch very well with other Ellehemaei. And because we hide so well in human society, it’s not an easy thing to, say, visit Paris and talk to the local fae. You could wander around the city all day and never see a single one; a wise fae keeps their Masks up tight and does not rely on the blindness of the gods or the kindness of strangers.

That all being said: What we know for certain is that not all children born to Ellehemaei parents, full-blooded or halfbreeds, go through their Becoming.

We don’t know if this was always the case, in part because having a child who does not Change has for a very long time been considered shameful, a failure on the part of the parent – and thus covered up in whatever way was deemed necessary. We don’t know what the case with the Nedetakai is at all, whether they have problems like this, how they deal with them if they do. In theory, the Nedetakai are supposed to be the same race as us – we all came from the same place, according to the stories. In reality, I’m not so sure, although, things being as they are, I’ve never had a chance to talk to a Nedetakai in depth about it.

But the case for Shenera Endraae, in the 1900’s, is thus – children of Ellehemaei don’t always go through their Becoming. It seems to be an average of about one in four that do Change now, but we’re not certain. For one thing, as the blood gets thinner, the Changes get less obvious, until you get a lot of faded who have some small “psychic powers” but no visible signs at all that they descend from the Ellehemaei. Their “Becoming,” if anything at all, probably seems like, at most, a vision, at least, a short headache. Do they count as Ellehemaei? Once upon a time, halfbreeds didn’t count – only those who were clearly of the three Breeds were considered Ellehemaei. Will there come a time when anyone who can see Auras is counted?

That aside, we surmise that the strength of the blood has something to do with the chances of actually Becoming: the more Ellehemaei and the less human in an given fae’s ancestry, the more chance that they will Change.

Separately, it seems that – and we’ve studied it, as scientifically as we were willing to – the more time a child spends around Ellehemaei, and the more Ellehemaei that child is around, the more likely a child is to Change.

We say “child,” but, of course, by that we mean anyone right up to early adulthood. It seems that, once the body is “over the hump” and into true adulthood, if they haven’t Changed yet, they won’t. At least, there are no stories of adults, and certainly not of the elderly, Changing.

So, yes. One of the goals of the Addergoole School is to provide an environment in which more children can Change, and far fewer precious Ellehemaei will fade into humanity. By all measures, it appears to be working – most of our children Change within their first month here, and almost all of them do so within their first year. How much of this has to do with their parenting, I don’t know – but to date, only one child at the School has come out of their Becoming as a full-blooded Breed.


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