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Question: But You Said…


August 8, 2016 by Lyn

Since a Kept cannot disobey an order from their Keeper what would happen if a Keeper orders their Kept not to obey a certain order even if they give it and then gave it?

Shiva answers:

Ooh, that’s a hard one. Do you want me to try it out on Niki and see what happens? My guess is, he’ll get a really bad headache and then whine about it for a while.

Kidding, kidding. Well, mostly.

The truth of the matter is, it doesn’t come up all that often, because a good master – Owner, Keeper, what have you – doesn’t go around flinging orders, so there’s not all that much chance of giving conflicting orders.

Also, while when you’re both new to it, every word sounds like a command and you have trouble breathing without a direct order, that mellows with time. You learn when your Keeper is speaking offhandedly, and when he really means it as an order. As a Keeper, you learn, too, to avoid phrasings which could be taken as direct orders, at least until the burn-in period is over.

That is, some Keepers do. Others revel in the feeling of having their Kept on a short, short leash, and some, like our darling Ty, are just absent minded about the whole thing – though he does have his moments where he likes to puppet master, too. Nikita isn’t the only reason Ty and I are no longer an item. I make a lousy puppet.

Back to your question.

Human beings – whatever it is that we are, the base model is essentially human, with added features – aren’t robots, and we don’t get stuck in logic loops; the brain is an amazingly adaptable machine. So, in most cases, we can work around small contradictions in orders. We know our masters, better, in some ways, than any other being will ever know another. We can usually figure out what it is that they actually meant. (As a side note: this, in part, is why literalism only works if you’re fighting the bond. You can’t lie to yourself and pretend that they really meant you should go jump off a cliff, if you know better – but if you’re fighting it, if all you ever do for your master is exactly what you’re told to, you never develop that connection).

Hey, if you wanted a direct answer, you should’ve asked a Grigori. Then you could have gotten books of scientific data on it. Me, I think experimenting on your Kept to find out how the bond works is kinda gruesome, not at all responsible, more of a Nazi thing than good ol’ American (however freedom and apple pie keeping pets is, anyway). But you’re welcome to try it if you catch yourself one.


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