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Question: Childhood


August 8, 2016 by Lyn

Why did Ty grow up in Addergoole?

Ty’s maternal parent, D.J., answers:

Well, Ty didn’t grow up in the school, per se; we weren’t done retooling the building until the summer before the first students arrived. But we spent its early life in the Village, an area adjunct to the school where most of the staff live, as well as, now, some of the students who have graduated.

As to why: A school takes a lot of people to run properly, especially a full-service boarding school; a school like Addergoole requires a certain sort of people on its staff. All it takes is one wrong comment, one human who doesn’t understand what’s going on and freaks out, to bring the whole thing down on our heads. So when Regine began this project, she and Mike and Luke sought out half-breeds like me and Mo who could get behind what she was trying to do and turn our skills towards making it work.

Regine has, however, never been very good at predicting the emotions and sex drives of other Ellehemaei, since she has so very little of either herself. I’m sure that Ty’s paternal parent and I weren’t the only “school staff” playing around after hours – I’m certain of it, actually – and, well, with all of us fertile as a bitch in heat, babies happened. Ty had a number of playmates around the same age, growing up, and Mo even started a little school for them.

We could have moved into the outside world – some did, wanting their kids to have as human a childhood as possible, but, having had a human childhood as a hermaphrodite, I didn’t want the same thing to happen to my Ty. Besides, the Village is about the safest place in the world to raise a child, and I enjoy my job.

I work as the procurement specialist for the school, you see, which means, in part, that I get to bring in everything that the Store sells (as well as the Village’s tiny Corner Store), all of the food for the Dining Hall – although we grow a lot of it ourselves, in three large sunside gardens and the hydroponics gardens on level three – the furniture, the school supplies, and so on. It’s certainly one or two full-time jobs, now that school is in session.

But before the school started, when Ty was growing up, we got to travel a great deal. Some of it was business, of course, setting up connections with suppliers we’d need later, in a couple places providing start-up capital so that the business we wanted would be there when we wanted it. But a lot of it was just fun. Travelling the world with your child, on the company dime, is just about the best way to raise a kid.

And really? Considering how messed up some of those kids got when they came to Addergoole, I have to say I think I did it the right way. If you want Ellehemaei kids, you can’t really raise them human and expect them to just switch on the fae with their Becoming.


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