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Question: Pairs


August 8, 2016 by Lyn

Yngvi and Aelgifu are described as looking alike: are they the next Mabina / Cassidy?

Dr. Caitrin answers:

By “the next Mabina/Cassidy,” I’m going to assume you’re referring to Mabina & Cassidy’s psychic and emotional bond that makes them the mental equivalent of conjoined twins, yes? After some consultation with Dr. Mendosa, I can give you an unqualified “probably not.”

Our reasons:

For one, Mabina and Cassidy didn’t appear physically similar before their Change; they were both tanned Caucasians with brown hair and an athletic build, but other than that, they looked no more alike than any two strangers – and that’s what they were, as far as we know, when they came to Addergoole. Yngvi and Aelgifu bear a very closer resemblance to each other now, pre-Change; what they will look like after their Becomings, we don’t yet have any way of knowing, and we can only loosely predict.

For another, Mabina and Cassidy displayed an almost immediate attraction to one another; Mabina has described it as “suddenly, there was no-one else in the room but him;” Cassidy has described it like a punch to the stomach. Yngvi and Aelgifu appear to have bonded due to proximity, rather than any attraction to each other, and they’ve certainly not demonstrated any beyond-the-pale can’t-breathe-around-each-other sort of magnetism.

This is probably, in the long run, a good thing, as we look into the third reason Yngvi and Aelgifu will probably not become another paired being. Mabina and Cassidy are only distantly related: their fathers share a Grigori great-grandfather. Yngvi and Aelgifu, on the other hand, are both children of the same father, albeit by different mothers; their similarities in appearance have more to do with the fact that Aelfgar is blonde, with blue eyes, and tends to favour women who look similar, than it does with any magical or Ellehemaei trait.

Chances are high that Yngvi and Aelgifu will end up no closer than any other siblings, and may not even look that similar after their change.


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