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Question: Belonging


August 8, 2016 by Lyn

If you Belong to someone, can you Own someone else? If so, does your Owner Own your, um, Ownee? In other words, if A owns B and B owns C, does A own C?

Mark, a Fifth Cohort Student, answers:

Hey, I remember when I asked Eris this question… man, it feels like forever ago even though we’ve been here less than three weeks. I think we’d better use some examples.

So, I own Kylie. One of the reasons we did that is because it protects her from anyone else trying to Own her. As long as she’s mine, no one else can lay a claim. Simple enough. Now, that also prevents her from Owning anyone else. So, say that cute redhead in her PE class offered… what’s her name, Kailani?… Kylie couldn’t Own her, because Kylie herself is owned. Which would be a damn shame if it came up, but that’s the breaks.

Now, say someone tried to Own me, like that bitch Agatha. The answers I got were a little less clear on that, but it’s my understanding that it would fail, because I Own people, and everyone involved would get a big headache. Which serves her right.

When people are mutually Bound together, that makes it more complicated. Say Mabina or Cassidy wanted to Own someone, like, oh, say, Shahin as a random example. Neither of them could do it separately, but they could jointly Own her, which would be totally smoking hot. It wouldn’t work the other way though; as long as they’re Bound to each other, no one else can Own either of them, or even both of them jointly.

Michael VanderLinden clarifies:

Mark has most of his facts straight. If you Belong to someone by the Laws of Belonging, you can’t Keep someone else. A Kept cannot enter into an Oath, and Keeping someone is, more or less, a type of Oath, you see.

And if you have Kept of your own, you can’t be Kept unless you free anyone you Keep first. I’ve, ah, heard of one or two of those “headache” cases Mark was mentioning, and, yeah, if you try to Own someone who’s got their own Kept, everyone gets the world’s worst splitting headache. And I do mean everyone; not just the parties involved, but anyone within twenty feet of any of them. The Law does not like daisy chains, I guess.


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