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Question: Offspring


August 8, 2016 by Lyn

To Ty, Jamian, or any other Addergoolian qualified to answer:

If Ty and Jamian have children, will their offspring be true hermaphrodites?

Ty answers:

I don’t know. None of my other kids turned out herm, but, then again, none of them were with another herm, either, especially not with a pure-bred Daeva. I guess you’d have to ask Dr. Regine; she keeps track of these things.

And, by eleven departed gods, whatever you do, don’t say the word “offspring” around Jamian! He’ll have an aneurysm on the spot!

Regine answers:

Because hermaphrodites of Ellehemaei descent are not in the same class as human hermaphrodites, our data pool is painfully limited; we don’t yet have a large enough statistical sampling to say with any certainty what will happen. What we do know is that those with “Daeva” ancestry are more likely to express such traits; the more dominant that ancestry, the greater chance of expressing as a hermaphrodite. Of course, every breed’s descendants have traits which appear to express in that manner.

Let me explain in a little more depth. The vast majority of Addergoole students – nearly 99 percent, Ty included – are what is rather inaccurately referred to as “half-breeds,” those of Ellehemaei descent in whom no one Breed is dominant enough to express fully. Some show distinct traits of a specific Breed, while others have too even a distribution of two of three Breeds in their ancestry to show even that much; a “Daeva’s” descendant might show some trace of that Breed’s sexual versatility, for example, while a Grigori descendant is likely to be brilliant beyond human ken.

Because Jamian and Ty both have “Daeva” as their dominant ancestry, the chances are likely that at least some of their offspring would be hermaphroditic, and, considering that Jamian has expressed as a full-bred “Daeva” and Ty’s genes are only one generation separate from a full-Breed, it is possible they could have full-Breed “Daeva” children as well.

As Ty mentioned, none of its earlier children have as of yet shown any signs of hermaphroditism; however, the second parent in each of these cases had little to no “Daeva” ancestry that we could trace. Also, such traits have been known to express with the Becoming, rather than, as in Ty and Jamian’s cases, at birth, so it is possible that one of Ty’s earlier offspring could still express.

It is my wish to get at least two children from this pairing, one sired by Ty and carried by Jamian, and one sired by Jamian on Ty, not only to discover if these children are born as true hermaphrodites, but also because I am very interested in learning if Ellehemaei genetics are affected by which parent provides the sperm, and which the egg. Once their children reach maturity, I will have a better understanding of how these traits are carried in the genes of those descended of Ellehemaei.


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