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Question: Open Letter


August 8, 2016 by Lyn


What is the scholastic outline for students at Addergoole? Specifically, is this a four year school program? Are advanced students handled through specific courses meant to challenge them or can a student potentially graduate early? Conversely how are slow students dealt with?

Sebashi – Looking forward to your response

Dear Sebashi,

Thank you for your inquiry.

The Addergoole School is a four-year institute designed to “bridge the gap” between high school and college for certain exceptional students. As such, its program is unique, designed to fill in the holes that an American public education leaves in a student’s knowledge.

A “typical” course of study at Addergoole, such as there can be in such a young program, is indeed a four-year plan, with the actual class list tailored to the individual students’ needs: while we offer four standard classes in each of the main subjects (Math, Literature, Sciences, and History) and five language options, we also provide independent study, advanced classes, and special topics classes for a student or students who wish to expand their study beyond the standards, and tutoring for those who have difficulty with their classes.

In very special cases, we are able to arrange a three-year graduation plan, but it is very much our preference that students stay to gain the full benefits of a four-year program. The Addergoole School is a very intensive school, designed with the intent of challenging our students to their fullest, and we expect scholastic excellence and diligent work from all of our students. The class work is often difficult, but our teachers are always available to help students; in addition, each student will be assigned a Mentor, who will advise the student in plotting a course of study and, beyond that, a career plan.

The name of the Addergoole School is very well known in the offices of some of the most important people in America, and all of our students will leave Addergoole better positioned to succeed in the world outside, but the specific degree which they exit with varies greatly with the student.

I hope you will consider applying to the Addergoole School, and please feel free to contact my office with any questions you might have.


Dr. Regine Avonmorea
Director, the Addergoole School


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