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August 26, 2016 by Lyn

This story is written for Capriox’s request, thanks to the “Addergoole Wants You” comments-for-fics promotion.  It follows directly after Bare Necks.

Bowen was sitting in Yngvi’s room.

He was sitting in another student’s room, without Aggie.  He kept fighting the urge to look over his shoulder, to look at the door.  He wasn’t supposed to be doing this.

“The way I understand it,” Yngvi commented quietly, “nobody can come through that door that I don’t invite, and I have been rather careful about the people I invite in.  At the moment, unless you are afraid of my sister, Aelgifu, you have nobody to worry about.  In here, you’re safe.  And… if you want, I can call some friends, and we can get you to your own room in safety as well.”

His own room.  Bowen swallowed.  “There’s nothing there.  There’s…  some clothes I came with, I guess.  A couple of my posters.”  Aggie had destroyed the rest.  He looked down at the floor for a minute.  “I…”  Do not look ashamed, Professor Fridmar had told him unless you wish other people to be ashamed of you.  He looked back up at Yngvi.  “I can make it to my room alone.  Aggie — she promised she wouldn’t do anything for retribution, so it will probably take her a couple days to figure out how to get around that.”  His eyes landed on the small antlers Yngvi was sporting.  “When did you get those?”

“Late, I’m told.”  The answer was dry and, Bowen thought, probably amused. “After almost everyone else in our year had Changed.  What about you?”

Bowen’s hand went to his head. He’d gotten really, really good at Masking the horns, after the awfulness with his tail.  “Early.”  He focused and dropped his Mask.  The horns were still small, not much bigger than Yngvi’s antlers, but they were there, and his hair was getting woollier and woollier.  “Guess I can show it, now.”

Yngvi smiled, a small thing that looked sadder than he had before.  “I’d guess that you can show anything you want, now.”

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  1. Aggggh poor Bowen! I just want to hug him! And then run away!

    • Lyn says:

      Bowen gets better, though. Slowly… but he does.

      Now I want to write 3 years of friendship between him & Yngvi…

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