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An Alder’s Grove Publication by Lyn Thorne-Alder.

Fifty-two weeks, fifty-two stories. Over the next year, follow the Ninth Cohort of the Addergoole school through their first year in this strange place. When they walk in, they believe it’s a boarding school. What will they believe when then leave?

Addergoole: Year Nine takes place four years after the events in the first Addergoole serial. It is intended as its own stand-alone serial, with only the teachers and staff remaining from the first series.

Addergoole contains mature themes and is intended for mature, adult readers. Some content is not suitable for younger audiences or the particularly squeamish. Sexual and violent themes are touched on, as well as emotional, sexual, and physical abuse, captivity, and pregnancy. Individual chapters may be rougher or lighter than the average; read at your own risk.

Addergoole: Year Nine is complete. I will still post bonus material on Sundays if the donation threshold is reached!

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