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Hiatus Fic Nine: Parenthood


October 29, 2013 by Lyn

To lightdefender’s Prompt: Emrys and Shahin’s first summer away from Addergoole (after year five).

“Aaaw, Arturo!”

Emrys was getting very good at changing diapers (after Shahin had put her foot down and insisted that, especially with Xaviera’s son on the way as well, Emrys was going to do half of the baby chores).  Unfortunately, their infant son was getting very good at catching his father in the face with a stream of baby pee.

Shahin suppressed a giggle and simply handed her husband a damp washcloth.  “Again?”

“He does it on purpose, I swear.”  Emrys kept one hand on their son’s belly while he washed his face with the other. “Can’t we just let him piss in the yard?”

“One, my aunts would kill you. Two, my mother would kill you. Three, I would kill you.  And four, when he was old enough to look at the inevitable pictures, Arturo would kill you.”

“And by that point, you would have invented reanimation in order to have all those people kill me, and I would be no worse off than before.”  He pulled a diaper onto their son.

“Except the excruciating pain of four murders from members of my bloodline, which I assure you would be hard to ignore.”

Words like that tripped of her tongue sometimes, and then she listened to what she had said.  The image flashed in her mind, her Emrys broken and bleeding, barely alive.  Her collar around his neck.  Her fault; he’d gone after him.  All that pain…

His face showed almost nothing.  It never did.  But he leaned forward and pressed a gentle kiss on her lips.  “For you, I would endure any number of deaths.”

“And I hope that you never need to.”  She picked up their son and cuddled him close, reminding herself of the light and the good again.


  1. Rix Scaedu says:

    Foresight can be a bitch, can’t it? I can hope that forewarned is forearmed.

  2. lightdefender says:

    Hahahaha! Poor Emerys. (I’m told you can tell when a boy is going to do that by the direction it’s pointing. It’s girls you have to watch out for; they give you no warning.)

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