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Hiatus Fic 11: Job Interview


October 30, 2013 by Lyn

To Wysteria’s request for Cya after school.


“And that’s why you should hire me.”  Cya didn’t bow, although the urge was strong.  She’d practiced her spiel in front of Leofric and Zita, which lent it a certain melodramatic flair.

“It says here, Miss Dayton, that you’re twenty years old, and have two children.”

“Two sons, yes, Yoshi and Vidrou.”

“And the father…?”

“Is very active in their lives.  They’re with Leo right now.”  The father was pushing things, but he’d been inaccurate in his questioning.

“Ah, well, I’m afraid that we’re looking for someone…”  The man, a suit sort who probably hadn’t gotten his feet dirty in the field in decades, was interrupted by a cough from the woman Cynara had assumed was a secretary.  “…one moment, please.”  He was very bad at masking his irritation, but the woman with the laptop did not seem at all fazed.

She whispered something.  He hissed something back.  She whispered some more.  He hissed louder… “welfare mother… out of wedlock… just a kid… a girl for crissake.”

The woman glared.  Cynara was impressed; it was a five-star stare.  The man flushed angrily.  “I’ll be back.”

It sounded like a threat.  Cya watched him as he stomped off, wondering exactly how the woman had him by the balls.

“Well then, Ms. Dayton.  As Mr. Chander was saying, we’re a small company that specializes in hands-on security-breach discovery.  Frankly, I’m surprised you found our job posting at all; we’ve only been posting in trade magazines.”

“I am very good at finding things.”  Cya smiled blandly back at the woman, and then decided to throw her a bit of a bone.   “My father has been working in security of this sort longer than I’ve been alive.  And I had the magazines at my disposal…”

In the back of her head, Professor Drake smirked.  “A and B in close proximity do not mean they have anything to do with each other…”

The woman was hooked, however.  “I believe we’re down to the details, then.  When could you start?”


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