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Hiatus Fic 10: Three Summers


October 29, 2013 by Lyn

To Megan’s Prompt asking for more everyone. Well, “Emrys and Shahin, Olifer and Eluned, Brenna, or Timora.” 😉

Summer 2004

You’ve got three years left. Olifur’s hands ghosted over Eluned’s hip and down her thigh.  You’ve got another baby to have, and everything that goes along with that.

You’ve got four years of Princeton, she countered.  The sun was warm on her naked skin, and his touch was perfect.  All of those normal, sane, reasonable-


Human girls.  Ones who won’t be trying to own you.  She let her fingertips rest against the side of his throat for a moment.

I don’t think their inability to magically bind me will stop people from trying to own me.  He kissed her cheek. You’ll still have my heart.

Summer 2005

Two years to go.  Olifur had a month and a half to visit, so they’d stolen an hour away from their son and their friends to lay in the sun together. Going to make it?

She could read between those lines well enough.  She kissed the side of his neck, and then, because she could, his mouth.  Three years to go in school.  Going to make it?

I’ve been fending off the girls, and most of the boys.  He smirked playfully at her.  Mostly.  And you?

Mostly, she smiled.  Although mostly the girls.

I might have to come visit more often.

That.  Would be lovely.  She held him close for a minute, breathing in his scent.

Summer 2006

You do have to have another kid still, you know.  Olifur’s voice was joking, but his eyes looked worried.

I know.  She patted his leg.  And if I don’t find a suitable victim…


This is Addergoole. Stray? Young man who looks like he needs a meal and a warm bath?

Heh.  You were saying?

…by the end of October, I do have a backup plan.

I’m glad.  He brushed his lips over her stomach.  I want you to graduate.  I miss you.

We’ve never had enough of each other to miss, she thought, but kissed the back of his neck rather than answer that.

One more year to go, he said, when she said nothing.

One more year.



  1. Megan says:

    At first I was all *squee*…then that ending didn’t sound terribly happy making.

    I love the fact that he keeps coming back and visiting (and worrying). It gives me some hope for their relationship post-Addergoole.

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