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Have input on my next two settings


October 22, 2013 by Lyn

Starting in November (hooray Nano), I will begin work on two new serials in non-Addergoole/non-fae apoc settings.

This is your chance to provide input on what you would most like to see/most like to not see in those settings.

Edally Acadamy(Steam!Goats)

Set in the same universe at my Rin & Girey fantasy story, but approx. 750 years later, Edally Academy (title subject to change) is, like Addergoole, a boarding school – but that’s about where the similarities end.

This setting involves steam technology, harnessing of the aether, and school hi-jinks; the goal is to have it go no further in rating than PG-13, an adventure featuring young adults in a changing world.


By contrast, Inner Circle (…with a Gladiator on Top) will make no attempt at all to be anything lower than R.

This is a kink setting, and far less developed as of yet than Edally.  What it will be:

* Magic-using universe at approx. a steam level of technology (there’s a theme here)

* Consensual and negotiated kink (no primary-character abduction or rape)

* Involving Gladiators

* and some kink


That is about what is established so far for these two settings.  This is where you come in:

* What are the top three things you’d like to see in either/both of these serials?

* What would you LEAST want to see in these story?

* What sort setting would you like for these stories?



  1. guesty says:

    So, here I am back with some thoughts. This is not easy, because I don’t want to interfere with your vision, even if you asked for it. So, I don’t expect you to follow anything I’m saying here.

    Edally Academy sounds super fun. Boarding schools are always a cool setting, see Harry Potter (or Addergoole ;))
    ‘harnessing of the aether’ sounds like some kind of magic, is that true? In my idea of steampunk scenarios, magic is rather low-level, not easily distinguished from science (more like alchemy, really), and only a small group of people have access to it. There’s some strange artifacts that young naive kids could stumble upon, for example.
    I’m not so sure what the adventures will be about, though. No saving of the world, I guess, cause the idea of steampunk is that the world is bigger than anyone knows, that’s why they have to explore it in their zeppelins. So the only time they have to save the world is when it’s from their own mad science.
    Hm, I guess I’ve rather given a stereotyped genre description than anything original so far. Well, I would like mad science. And female, sexually active, mad scientists. 🙂
    Kids getting into trouble because they just have to try anything stupid or dangerous.
    You wrote it should be PG-13. So I’m not sure how serious you want the story to become. Injustice? Slavery? Poverty? War? Does that exist? Do you want to show it? How? A similar question applies to the way the kids treat each other. How far will they go if they don’t like someone?
    That’s the things I’m wondering about.

    Inner Circle.
    What do the gladiators fight for? Their lives, or fame and money?
    Anyway, they need lots of body oil and groupies. I want a totally cynical, burnt out, manipulative asshole gladiator star as a shady dom character. Or it could a be a manager. Or an ex-gladiator who now is a manager. Someone who is smart and cruel and makes sure the rules are always on his side. 🙂

    So much for my wishlist.
    I sometimes find it harder to read about consensual (or even loving) d/s relationships than the evil kind. But that’s just me.

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