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Guest Story: A Letter to Ambrus


October 10, 2013 by Lyn

Written by Rix Scaedu

Strange Band Suite
Addergoole School
3 September 2004

 Dear Ambrus,

You’re probably surprised to be getting a letter from me so soon after you left here.  You’re probably surprised to be getting a letter from me at all, but you’ll want to sit down to read the rest of this one.

I had my commencement medical with Dr Caitrin today and I’m already pregnant again.  More fraternal twins, a boy and a girl this time.  The point is, Dr Caitrin says she recognizes your Y-chromosome(!?!) so it seems you’re going to be a father again.

I would apologize, I really didn’t think I could get pregnant again so quickly, but Dr Caitrin went outside and asked Hylakaros, “What did you do?”  This was followed a little later by, “I’m going to have to tell Doug.”  I didn’t hear what Hylakaros said, I think he was taking precautions so I couldn’t hear him.   Doug is cross and Hylakaros has gone all tight lipped on me.  Departed Gods forfend that anyone should tell the pregnant one what’s going on!  I believe that he’s had more to do with me being pregnant than is usual for someone who is not the father of either baby.

I suspect too that Hylakaros might have done something quite clever from the way Dr Caitrin was acting through the rest of the examination.  Again though, no-one is telling me anything.  I’ve been put on a sustaining diet, told not to overtrain and I’m scheduled for checkups more often than I was last year.  I can keep writing if you want to hear about our progress.

Your son’s sister’s father is Speed.  I told him after class and he was wandering around with an enormous grin.  He seems slightly stunned so I hope he doesn’t get himself Kept by someone we or Gregori will have to rescue him from partway through the year.

I will finish up now as I still have homework to do.  Stay safe and work hard.

Yours affectionately,


P.S.  Hylakaros says to say, “Hi.”


“Okay, I’ve put in your postscript.”  Lemon looked over to where Hylakaros was doing his homework from Professor Valerian’s class.  This year they were doing Asian History and Qin Shi Huang had begun unifying China.  “Now you owe me that explanation.”

“Which one?”  His pen paused in midair.

“Why you made sure I got pregnant again.”  When he was being weaslish it paid to be precise.  If she’d said he’d gotten her pregnant, Hylakaros would simply have pointed out that he was father of neither of the new set of twins.

“To help keep you safe from upper classmen who might want to Keep you so they can meet their graduation requirements.  Second year students are still fairly low on the food chain around here.”  Now he put the pen down and folded his hands over it and the page beneath it.  “Now you’re pregnant, I only have to worry about the ones with good taste who want you because you’re you.”

“From my experience last year, there won’t be too many of them.”  Lemon tried to laugh it off.

“More than you think,” Hylakaros told her.  “It seems you didn’t notice Doug growling at your potential suitors before they’d even made a move.”  He gave her a leer.  “We both know how that turned out.”

“Well, I didn’t expect it,” Lemon pulled a prim face at him.

“You, sweetling,” Hylakaros returned firmly but in cadence, “need to start listening to the emotions around you more.  No need to pry,” he forestalled, “just listen to what’s being broadcast.  Any sort of head’s up you can get on trouble would cut down on the surprise factor.  The five of you are my family and I’m not going to let any snot-nosed, half-trained teenager take you away from me for a year.”

Lemon smiled across at him, “Sometimes you say the nicest things, even if they do seem to involve beating someone else to a pulp.”

“Only if they don’t leave you alone or until they release you.”  He looked down at the next question on the homework list, then asked, “So, have you seen anyone you want to Keep this year?”

“Why would I want to be completely responsible for someone else?  I already have Kent and Penwyn.”  Lemon stood up and walked over to him.  “Besides, what would I do with a Kept?”

“Get them to do the heavy lifting, clean the bathroom, other stuff.”  He leered up at her again for a moment.

“But I have you for most of those,” she smiled as she leaned down to kiss him on the forehead.  “Besides, there’s not just the senior classmen, there’s the Zeroeth Cohort and the basement people trying to make their requirements too.  Even if I wanted to Keep, I think this year would be a good one to sit out.”

“Fair point, sweetling.”  He smiled, not leered, at her for a moment.  “Let me get this finished, then when I come back from Doug’s I’ll give you a taste of what you keep me round for.”


  1. Kuro_Neko says:

    If I was Lemon I’d be alittle more pissed. She had twins, her grad requirements were done. She didn’t have to go through being pregnant again if she didn’t want to. It’d be a different matter if he had talked with her about it. But going behind her back like this is not how you treat someone you care about. Especially since getting a Kept would have protected her just as well.

    I don’t mean to be rude, but Lemon really seems to get around doesn’t she. This chapter implies she’s had at least four sexual partners in the last year: Mike, Ambrus, Speed and Hylakaros. I’m not sure if it was ever said, is Lemon one of Mike’s Succubi? Cause that would explain some things.

    • Wysteria says:

      Four sexual partners in one year isn’t that many, is it? I mean, if you’re not seeking out a forever mate or something. It’s only one date every three months.

      • Kuro_Neko says:

        Perhaps I’m just old-fashioned or something, but four in a year is a lot to me. And a date every three months implies that one is going to bed after the first date. Again, old-fashioned or something, but I don’t do that, ever. I suppose it’s all about how you view sex. If you believe that sex is a casual thing, then I guess 4 in a year (or 3 in 3 months as it would actually have had to be) isn’t a lot. But if you believe that sex is a special thing you only share with (potential) forever mates, then yeah it’s a lot. Please note I’m not judging here, to each their own.

        • Wysteria says:

          I find the contrast between ‘to each their own’ and ‘but this character doing it is weird’ a bit – marked. I mean, if to each their own, why can’t Lemon have casual sex? She’s never struck me as an old fashioned girl, she doesn’t strike me as callous with her partners, she’s an elf so she’s unlikely to be spreading diseases.

          I personally would not have sex with someone on the first date. I also personally hate shrimp. That doesn’t mean I feel the need to comment on characters that like shrimp whenever it’s brought up as a preference.

          • Kuro_Neko says:

            Alright, I’ll admit it. I was judging. I don’t really approve of casual sex. I try not to let that color my views of people, but I can’t help what I feel.

            As to why Lemon shouldn’t have casual sex, well, she could get pregnant.. again… which she did. Being male I’ve obviously never been pregnant, but I understand that while it can have its ups, it’s generally mildly to not so mildly unpleasant: morning sickness, tender breasts, back problems, ankle problems, bloating, difficultly getting around, difficulty just doing physical things in general among other things. Also, I understand that being pregnant multiple times in short proximity to each other, especially twins, isn’t healthy for the mother. Which is also why I think Lemon would be more pissed at Hylakaros for what he did, above and beyond taking control of her body away from her.

          • Wysteria says:

            But she’s not a person, she’s a character. A teenaged girl character having casual sex with people who make her feel good about herself because it’s fun – it’s not exactly wildly unlikely, is it?

            Based on her reaction, it seems like Lemon isn’t /wildly/ unhappy with becoming pregnant, so she probably at least considered it as a possible consequence. Having four kids before you leave high school is something a decent number of the Daeva-blooded students do, which Lemon seems likely to be, since her first pregnancy was by the Daeva teacher in emotions class. She’s at least partially a succubus. Canonical example of daeva-blooded characters with four kids by graduation: Tya and Jamian from the original series, Zita from Year 9. Kendra, though she doesn’t appear much. The school provides for the kids, so it’s not a matter of ‘is this a sound financial decision for me.’

          • Kuro_Neko says:

            I have trouble judging the reactions of characters in this story, since my gut says they should be reacting to the things happening to them in a much more extreme way then they’re doing. That’s obviously the mind control at work. But the scope and limits of that control have never been spelled out. Is Lemon calm about getting pregnant because she actually feels that way, or just because the mind control is making her feel that way? It has been explicitly stated that the mind control makes the students protective of their kids, preventing them from causing them harm. Seriously freaking out about being pregnant, or seriously resenting the kids after the fact could be construed as harm, since the former leads to abortion and the latter to infanticide.

            Just because Lemon has Daeva blood doesn’t mean she has to be all promiscuous. Bel is a perfect example of that. And Lemon doesn’t strike me as the party type like many of the Daeva-blooded we’ve seen in the past.

            It’s not a matter of a sound financial decision, it’s: a) a health matter, since being pregnant again so soon is a strain on her system; b) a convenience thing, she’d just gotten rid of that big belly that made it hard to do anything, and she’s perfectly ok getting it back again? And c) a time factor, since she will have to raise these kids. That last isn’t going to leave much room for having an actual life, as any teenage mother could tell you. Two sets of twins a year a part? She can say bye-bye to at least the next ten years of her life. Sure she could hire help like Kai did, but it was mentioned that Kai was the first to ever ask for that, so that’s unlikely to have occurred to her. Even if it has, there’s still going to be a considerable time sink involved either way.

            And then of course there’s the moral aspect, though I’m beginning to despair of ever finding any morals in that hellhole at all. Arundel and Porter are my shining beacons in that regard, pushing back the dark. But to the point, Hylakaros, someone Lemon cares about and trusts, took control of her body away from her without her knowledge or consent, and she’s just ok with that? I just don’t understand the characterization of these characters most of the time. I can only chalk it up to the mind control and move on.

          • Wysteria says:

            Trusts? I’d say ‘cares about and is magically bonded to.’ So much of these stories seem like ‘and then s/he made the best of things.’ Lemon just doesn’t seem like a extreme instance. For Addergoole.

    • Rix Scaedu says:

      Confession time – Lyn and I decided to be mean to my character and deliberately complicated her love life over the summer vacation. From a character point of view, Lemon is bolder with Hylakaros then without him.

      Also, Hylakaros is a Nedetakaei. Hopefully by the time Lemon graduates he won’t be anymore – if he is, he dies. At this point though, he is not necessarily a very nice person, though I believe he is improving (a little). [There are one or two people who might suggest to him that he’s in love with Lemon but he still tends to regard that emotion as a weakness.]

      • Shimmerling says:

        I was surprised to see this because I figured she and Hylakaros were going to be exclusive given that they’re apparently magically bonded to each other in some unusual, non-Keeping way. But I suppose that’s my bias showing…

        • Rix Scaedu says:

          As Speed’s last chapter suggested, Lemon and Hylakaros do play together.

          My understanding of Nedetakaei, and thus Hylakaros’ sensibilities, is “The couple that preys together…”. If Hylakaros had carried Lemon off as he originally intended, he would be introducing her to much worse behaviours. As it is, they’re in a place and situation where her opinion on things like hurting other people for fun (it’s not) matter.

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