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Hiatus Week 1 Gift Fiction post


October 11, 2013 by Lyn

Here’s how it goes: Leave a (or more) prompt(s) here between now and 7 a.m. est Saturday.

I will write 100-250 words to at least one each the first seven people’s prompts over the next week.

Only qualifications:

* It must involve cast of the Addergoole stories.

* It must not make me uncomfortable.

Ready? Go! There has to be something from Addergoole you’d like to see more of.


  1. Rix Scaedu says:

    Mike and Doug’s conversation about Lemon.

    Dr Caitrin and/or Nurse Jo on the number of multiple births at Addergoole.

    Luke and Shang.

    Basement people/Zeroeth Cohort and Doug.


  2. LilFluff says:

    * Something getting Dr. Caitrin to compare the past year to her experiences with students prior to Regine’s recruiting her.

    * Are there any ‘summer school’ classes?

    * Anyone arriving home and having the, “WTF! Did you have any idea where you were sending me?!” conversation.

    * And now I want to see Yolanda’s reaction to receiving a letter over the summer from Cody, I’d need to write the letter first though…

  3. Kuro_Neko says:

    *** I’d like to second the:

    * Anyone arriving home and having the, “WTF! Did you have any idea where you were sending me?!” conversation.

    Though recent chapters have implied that the students are prevented from talking about what happened in Addergoole even with their parents, so I’m not sure such a conversation is possible.

    *** Any random scene involving Wysteria, I find her dry humor hilarious.

    *** More Porter and Bel, anything at all is fine.

    *** More Arundel and Timora, anything at all is fine.

    *** Any student guilt tripping any of the staff.

    *** Any snippets of positive Keepings in Addergoole, past, present or future.

    • Rendia says:

      I know I’m late, I didn’t see this in time, but I want to third the parent conversation and second everything else Kuro Neko said as well.

      And, if you take late ideas: does Shang ever get his head out of his @$$?

      • Rendia says:

        Let me rephrase that part about Shang: if he ever gets his head out his butt, what triggers it? That’s a stry I’d like to hear. Also, does he take that Keeping more seriously that incident? I’d love a follow up to that last story. I don’t know why I’m so fascinated with Shang, but I want to know what happens to him.

  4. Wysteria says:

    I want to know if Kay’s old keeper learned anything from dating her, or if he is still an asshole.

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