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Outake: Pania and Efrosin – Roles


August 28, 2013 by Lyn

Late November, 2003

“It’s time for some play.”

Efrosin had been patient with Pania lately, but she’d known it wouldn’t last forever.  She sighed, and put her book down.  “What would you like to play today?”

“How about chambermaid?”  He had started out just inside the door; he made a show of walking across the room to her, hips swaying, tail lashing.

“I still don’t like that one.”  She stuck her lower lip out, just a little bit of a sulk.  She could get away with a little sulk, usually.

“I know you don’t.”  He closed the distance between them and stroked her hair – soothingly, she thought.  He was doing the Comforting Dom thing.  He liked doing that one, and he was pretty good at it.  “And you’ve been a really good girl lately.”

She leaned into his hand, soaking up the praise and trying not to hate the humiliation that came with it.  “I try.”

“I know you do, Pretty Panny.  So what roles would you like to play with this time?  Which ones do you like?”

Role-playing, Efrosin style, was always a little weird; it was less role-playing and more role-being, the way he did it.  She bit her lip, thinking.  If he was giving her a choice…  “Mmm.  Princess was nice but I think I liked Kidnap victim better.”

“You like the Stockholm game?”  He smirked a little bit; she could guess why.  “That one’s a lot of fun.  But you ended up a little bruised up last time, and Dr. Caitrin lectured me.”

She squirmed.  That had been one of the more fun ones, but she had gotten a bit bruised – because she’d had a chance to really fight back.  That was part of the fun of the Kidnap game – or some of Efrosin’s favorite games, actually.  He liked the ones where she struggled the best.

She was pretty sure her Keeper was a bit of a twisted young man.  She wasn’t entirely sure if she liked it so much because he was her Keeper, or because she was, somewhere inside, just as twisted.

Right now, that didn’t matter.  She rubbed her shoulders, thinking about the bruises, the fun she’d had getting them, and how much Caitrin had clucked and fussed and worried and questioned. “So.  Hrmm.  Restrain me? Right from the get-go?”

“You don’t usually like that.”  He settled down on the bed next to her and went back to petting her.  “You sure?”

“You want to play.”  She tried to make that as neutral a sentence as possible.  “And I’m not going to argue with a little play.  But you know I like to fight back, too, and if we’re going to play and I’m going to fight back, well, we don’t want Dr. Caitrin making faces at us again.”

“No, we don’t.  All right, pretty Panny.  If that’s how you want to do it.”  He reached over her, body pressed against her chest, to pull his box of toys out of his nightstand.  “Go get into something sweet-and-innocent that you don’t mind me ruining.”

“It’s a good thing you finance my shopping expeditions.”

Sweet and innocent.  She had a few things in her closet just for situations like this.  Pink.  He liked pink – he liked ruining pink things.  It was a good think she didn’t normally like the color, since he’d ruined every pink think she’d bought. She stripped, her back to him – it was silly, and she knew it, and she didn’t care – and and pulled the pink dress over her head.  It had polka-dot ruffles on its hem, and was the girliest thing she’d ever bought.

She added thigh-high white socks with ribbons around her ankles, and the white Mary Janes – patent leather – he’d picked out.  The heels had left a cut on his eye, the last time they’d played this game.  She wondered if she’d get a chance to split his lip this time.

Dr. Caitrin fretted, of course, but that was Dr. Caitrin.  It was her job to worry.  It was Pania’s job to play the role she was given.

She bowed to her Keeper.  “Dressed… sir.”

“Nice.”  His tail lashed and he licked his fangs.  He was holding a handful of zipties, a bandanna, and a nerf ball.  The bandanna was black.  “Kneel, pretty Pania.”  He’d dropped a cushion on the floor.  He did try to make sure she was comfortable.  “Kneel, and I’ll start giving you your lines.”

She knelt and tilted her head downwards.  She hated when he gagged her, but he normally saved that for after she’d started swearing at him.

“You’re my good girl.”  At least he saved the horrid praise for times like this.  “All right now, Tempero Intinn Pania oro’Efrosin.”

She closed her eyes.  It was easier to close her eyes for this part.  He spoke softly, half in English and half in Greek, giving her her lines, putting her in her role.  While he spoke, he moved around her, using the zipties to bind her arms.

“And under.”  She lost consciousness then.  She always did.

And Judy woke, arms tied behind her and a blindfold over her eyes.

“Oh, good, you’re awake.”  She didn’t recognize the voice at all.


This was written… because I wanted to, and to fill in holes in Pania’s story.

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  1. Gudy says:

    … OK, that was scary. Not that I should have been surprised – we’re talking Fae here, after all. But still. Especially since I can’t help wonder how much of that was actual Stockholm syndrome. 🙁

    • Kuro_Neko says:

      I agree, that was scarey. But for a different reason for me then you I think. It was scarey to me because it explicitly shows something that I have long suspected, that it’s possibly to completely re-write another’s personality with magic. That above all other aspects of Addergoole, even the sexual assault, would scare the hell out of me if I was attending that hellhole.

  2. Rix Scaedu says:

    Efrosin could be a Very Bad Person if he wanted to be…

  3. guesty says:

    Ugh. Half scary, half hot. Well, maybe two thirds scary, one third hot. And very very strange. Just how I like my Addergoole stories. 🙂
    No, really, how is it fun for Efrosin to roleplay something where he knows everything his partner will say or do in advance? Even without the noncon aspect of Belonging, even with a willing partner, this would be just some kind of masturbation-via-other. Now I know you shouldn’t judge other people’s kink (again, apart from it already being rape), but this seems kind of sad to me.

    And yeah, I’m back. The last weeks I had so much to do that I didn’t want to sit in front of a computer in my free time as well. That’s good ’cause I have more stuff to read now. 🙂

    … I like that Pania wishes to hurt his face. I like how she keeps some place inside her to herself while playing along for the time being.
    And it’s super twisted how he pretends everything that happens is her choice.

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