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Chapter 48-52, All the Outtakes, Mea Culpas, the future, and Prompt Calls


August 28, 2013 by Lyn

Sooo… Summer happened to your happy author, and I got behind in posting.  I’m really sorry about this, guys!

But I had a bunch of non-chapters almost done, so I wrapped those up so you guys would at least have something today, and, well, that nearly emptied the queue of commissioned work.

There will be another chapter next week, and then the week after, and so on until I get to chapter 52 – which is the last chapter of this series.

Which leads me to: what do you want next? 

Now, in the interest of time, I already have Fernley sh’Kendra and the Mystery of the Missing Orders nearly finished.  This 50,000-word story takes place in the second generation, after the apocalypse.

But if you guys are interested in something else, I’m willing to consider shelving that – but there will be a longer hiatus while I build up buffer again.

Talk to me.  Tell me what you want to see next, what you’d like to see more of.  What keeps you coming back to Addergoole? What will you tell your friends about? Talk to me. I thrive on feedback (also on donations 😉

Edited to add:

I said something about a prompt call, didn’t I?

Here it is! It’s open until I go to bed this Friday, and the theme is Identity. Leave a prompt, get a fic – it’s as easy as that!


  1. Wysteria says:

    I like stories that follow one or two characters, a related set. Heroes and villains and people who switch back and forth. Romance. Mystery. I like when you veer into the kinky side and stay there.

    In terms of Addergoole… I wouldn’t mind a story that didn’t focus on a first year student. There are dramas and romances in the upper years, right? What magic do they learn? What vistas await?

    Just a few thoughts.

    • Lyn says:

      I like when you veer into the kinky side and stay there.


      • Gudy says:

        Well, I’m super fine with that, too. 😀

        What I would really like to see is the story that made second place(?) in the vote that gave us Year 9. The one that was not Addergoole or Faepocalypse but something else entirely (I’m fuzzy on the details but my mind keeps insisting on it being slightly more S/F flavoured).

        But hey, if Fernley sh’Kendra and the MMO is nearly done, I’ll take that as well. 😉

        • Rix Scaedu says:

          I agree with everything Wysteria and Gudy said and I’m missing my beta-reading doses of Fernley…

          Was the “slightly more S/F flavoured” idea fae in space?

          • Gudy says:

            See, that’s the problem – I don’t remember anymore. I’m fairly sure it wasn’t Fae In Space, though. Not really.

            Let me see if I can find it…

            Hmm, after looking through Lyn’s landing pages, it might have been Space Accountant, but I am, as I said, seriously fuzzy on the details. Weirdly enough, I remember (or misremember? They say that memory is the first thing to go, and I forgot what the second thing was) with some clarity that one of the options in that poll was Reiassan, and I’m sure that’s not what I’m looking for.

          • Lyn says:

            Hrrrm. Steam-Reaissan/Steam-Callanthe was the thing I was thinking of. Not sure other than that.

      • Wysteria says:

        Alternatively, I’d like to see more of Shahin, Jamian and Kai. It always felt like there was a reason they were the protagonists of 5.

      • Wysteria says:

        Alternatively, I’d like to see more of Shahin, Jamian and Kai. It always felt like there was a reason they were the protagonists of 5.

  2. Rendia says:

    I second all the ideas above, especially Shahin (and Emrys), I loved them. And the kink stuff with Gregory and Speed <3 Will Gregori release Speed at the end of the year? I can't see Speed as a Keeper, he's such a glorious sub. Also, either Ahouva or Ceinwen Keeping their former Keepers. Or both. I swear I had that idea before the outtake you posted. It's in a comment a few pages back. Did I help inspire that?

    Also, since I love all of these characters, pretty much anything showing how they do as upperclassmen would be great. I agree with Wysteria on that. I REALLY want to know the repercussions of all the shit that goes down during the students' first year. Going back, I also want to know about Bowen (that was Agatha's Kept, right? I'm bad with names) and how his time went after her. There are tantalizing tidbits that get mentioned very occasionally, but I would love details. Nilam, Lee, Quintus and Zeke, Timora and Bird-Boy… I mean Arundel. Shang! I kind of want to see Shang accidentally Keep someone and really fuck it up. Which is terrible, but that idea seems like it has a lot of potential to it.

  3. NatalieF says:

    Thirded. I am also interested in reading the rest of the missing orders cycle.

  4. guesty says:

    Right now, I’d most like to follow the characters into year 10 and see how they turn out, especially the former Kept. Kai, Jame and Sheen are always great, of course. I’m sure I would get sucked into any other stuff you write, but I find it always sad to leave characters I already got attached to.
    I wanna know what happens with the basement kids and if somebody does something about Ghita.
    I wanna know who of our poor kids in bad Keepings turn to be bad Keepers themselves and who don’t. I want to know if Shang finally gets over himself and starts believing. I’d like to see how they behave and what happens to them when they’re not longer at the bottom of the food chain, so to speak.

    Flavour-wise, I like the kinky, but I also like the stuff that’s too dark to be enjoyable from time to time (yeah, that sounds kind of contradictive), and I like it when there’s a character I can hate wholeheartedly, so, if you stay in the Addergoole-‘verse, I would like a story about a really really bad keeping, with violence and escalation (and maybe karma coming back at that person in the end). And I’d like a Kept who really makes it hard on their Keeper, even if it means they may get broken. I’d love you to explore how far that can go.

    I always enjoy learning about creative uses of magic, too.

    Yes, that’s all I can think of for now, so I’ll finish by saying that you’re an amazing writer and I’m looking forward to whatever you’ll come up with. 🙂

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