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Announcement: Other Addergoole/Faerie Apocalypse Stories


March 9, 2013 by Lyn

I am wrapping up the February Giraffe Call in my DW/LJ journal, and among the stories written were several Addergoole Stories:
Addergoole: Year 9
Friendly (LJ )
Year 8
Educational (LJ)
Year 10-11-12-13
They Were Over (LJ)
Year 13
Doug Gets a Hug (LJ)
Year 16
Laziness x4 (LJ)
Year 17
Signs of Love (LJ)
Shades (LJ)
Year 22
Triangles (LJ)

And several stories in the greater Faerie Apoc Universe:
Monster (LJ)
Enough Warning (LJ)
Post-Apoc Studies (LJ)

The complete list of stories is available here; I am still taking prompts as well.  Prompting is free, and everyone who prompts will get a story.


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