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Outtake: Lee


December 20, 2012 by Lyn

Friday, November 21, 2003, evening

Just after Chapter 11 

Go play with your friends.  And if that wasn’t an order open to misinterpretation, Lee didn’t know what was.  But first he had to find a friend.  Shang.  He had to find Shang.

Okay, he could do this.

Shang was in… room seven, right?  There couldn’t be that many rooms seven.  Lee had visited there before, before, when he could still visit places.

He knew it wasn’t in Tess and Lucian’s pod.  He knew everyone who lived in their pod, several of them far better than he wanted to.  So maybe it was the next pod over?  That shouldn’t be hard to find.  He slipped out into the main hallway and went looking for sevens.

The first door he came to didn’t have a number on it. Was that right?  Maybe Shang had moved the number.  Maybe he’d gotten pizza prank-delivered or something and decided to be anonymous.  Lee knocked.

“You’re not Shang.”   The guy who opened the door was almost as skinny as Lee and at least a head shorter.  He had hair that looked freshly dipped in blood, and he wasn’t wearing a t-shirt.

“Neither are you, are you?  Shang’s shorter, and less… blue.”

“Shang’s the one without a collar.”  He could see over the boy’s shoulder into the room, and it definitely wasn’t Shang’s place.  Too much couch, not enough CD’s.  “I’m Lee.”

“The one… oh, yeah.  The one who hasn’t Changed yet.  I’m Accalon.”  He made a funny bow-like thing in Lee’s direction.  “Good luck finding him.”

“Thanks.”  Not that that was any help at all, but Lee had given up on anyone around here being the least bit helpful.

Next attempt.  He picked a direction at random and stated walking.

Pod Seven! Maybe it was Pod Seven, Room Seven?  He ducked into the pod and walked around in a circle. Four, Three, no, Four, Five, Six… Seven.  Across the pod, a door was opening.  He didn’t want to see any extra random strangers.  He pounded hurriedly on the door.

“Can I come in before someone eats me?” He blurted it out before the door was even all the way open.

“I suppose.  Although you’re not my type.  Enter if you mean me no harm.”

“You’re not Shang.”  He entered anyway.  He could see someone big coming out of the door across the hall.

“No, I’m not.” She was shorter, for one, cuter, and definitely more girl.  Also, she was holding a pike taller than Lee.  The fact that she wasn’t pointing it at him didn’t reassure him much.

“You’re… ah… actually, I have no idea.”  He backed towards the door.

“We have no classes together,” she agreed. “I’m Sofia cy’Solomon.  And you look lost.  Shang, you said?”

“Tallish Chinese guy, Ninth Cohort, no collar?”

“I know who he is.”  She smiled in a way that made Lee feel about two inches tall.  “I think he’s in Pod Five?”

“Thanks.  Uh.”  He backed towards the door.  “You don’t need to tell my Keepers I was here, or anything, right?”

“I have absolutely no need to tell your Keepers anything, ever.  Have no fear on that score.”

“Thanks.  I think.”  He had enough scores to have fear on already.  He found the doorway, backwards, his eyes still on her spear.  “Thanks for not stabbing me.”

“Technically, with a weapon like this, it would be…”

Lee fled.

He had run maybe a hundred feet –hoping he was going the right direction – when he ran smack into someone else.

“Shit, shit, sorry…”  He looked up, cautiously, into an amused expression on another pretty girl.

If he made it out of here alive, he was going to marry the ugliest girl he could find.

She smiled at him.  Smiling wasn’t good.  Eep?


“Uh, just on the way to my friend Shang’s.  I’m okay, really, sorry I ran into you…”

“That way.”  She pointed off at a right angle, frowned, and then laughed.  “Here, I’ll show you.”

“Uh, really, I’m fine.”

“Look, this one’s gratis.  The sooner you’re in your friend’s room, the sooner you’re out of the possibility of trouble, right?”

“Uh… Um… “  She was already walking.  Sighing, Lee followed.

It wasn’t like things could get worse.


This story was written in response to Rix’s donation and request for Xanthia from Fridmar’s point of view. 

For every $5US donated, I will write 300 words on the character or situation of your choice. In addition, every donation will bring you to a small snippet of story – a new snippet every Wednesday! Want more?




  1. Rix says:

    People are being sympathetic because of who his Keepers are?

  2. Kunama says:

    This is for Llew’s chapter. Tired of fighting your site.

    There’s an extra ” in the middle of Llew’s working.

    I like how Llew and Heidi are turning out.

    Still can’t post from mobile version. Person-check doesn’t show up.

  3. capriox says:

    “It wasn’t like things could get worse.”

    Oh, Lee…. *facepalm* You’re a fictional character, you should know never, EVER to say or think that ;D

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