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Outtake: Æowyn


November 8, 2012 by Lyn

Thursday, November 6, 2003

“You’re thinking about it again, aren’t you?”  Fafnir was pacing. Æowyn was pacing, too, and in the confines of their room, this would, one would think, lead to a collision eventually.

It hadn’t yet, and they did this a lot. More than Æowyn wanted to admit to anyone else that they did, that was for sure.

“Of course I’m thinking about it.  Kendon was awful for Ahouva, sure. But now she’s all over the place.  It’s like – well, what she said yesterday.  At least with Kendon, she understood the rules.  She has no idea what to expect with this guy, what to do.”

Fafnir stopped pacing, and turned to stare at Æowyn, which nearly led to a collision.  She stopped short and looked at him, wondering what had gotten him in a twist. “That’s what you’ve been thinking about?”

“She’s my friend, you know.  I think you know that.  You let me sit with her and Jovanna, when we can.  You walk me over there to study.  Friend? People worry about their friends?  I know you worry about your crew.”

She was babbling.  She closed her mouth and looked at him, wondering what was going on.  He had lots of expressions, but staring at her like she was crazy wasn’t normally one of them.

“That’s what you’re worried about?” he repeated.  “That Basalt might be bad for your friend? Why didn’t you say something?”

She shrugged. She didn’t really want to look at him, so she found a spot on the wall over his shoulder and studied it.  “Your assessment of other people in the school and mine don’t always match.”

“It’s hot and creepy when you go cold-blooded.”  He touched her shoulder.  “I thought you were jealous.”

“Of Ahouva?”

“Someone challenging for her.”

“Oh.”  She graced him with something like a smile.  “Don’t be stupid.  I don’t want to watch you destroy some poor sop.”

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  1. capriox says:

    that’s really sweet, but only for Addergoole values of sweet.

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