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Cliffhanger? What Cliffhanger?


November 24, 2012 by Lyn

Greetings from your friendly neighborhood author!

I would like to take the occasion of this past Wednesday’s cliffhanger to remind you of two things:

This site runs on donations and traffic, and this author runs on comments and donations!

And you can always get more story by donating to the site, or by posting reviews on one of the review sites.

The first three reviews on each of these sites, and the first one per site each month after that, will each count as $5 towards the site donation total:

Every dollar donated not only gets us closer to a bonus story (or two) for the week, it also gets you 60 words of your own outtake, on whatever character(s) you want to see.

Support your friendly neighborhood author, and your friendly neighborhood webserial, today!


  1. GreenGlass says:

    Oh, right, comments.

    I’m enjoying the new stories!

    I do have to admit though, that the bonus stories, outtakes, and blog format are disrupting the attachment to these new characters.

    Soo… I haven’t known what to say. Since I can’t picture them with as much immediacy as the main three from the last Addergoole year we read… I dunno. I thought maybe feedback on that would help you figure out some other ideas to getting the comments and reviews you want.

    I strongly feel that I couldn’t review this at the moment because I don’t really know what’s going on to whom.

    • Lyn says:

      Hunh, I hadn’t thought of the outtakes that way, although I admit the 24-new-characters idea seemed to disrupt attachment.

      Thanks for saying something 🙂


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