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Broke the Site, Back Now


September 10, 2012 by Lyn

Last night I broke the site, and had to do a reinstall.

Sadly, in the re-install, I lost all of your lovely comments, along with everything else.

I’m slowly rebuilding everything else, but I fear the comments (and user registrations, sorry, Ziggy) are lost for good.

Yay learning curve?




  1. Kunama says:

    Better now when it’s early on than later when you have so much already in. I say tinker with it some more, but I do suggest trying it in a different folder/non-live system.

  2. Rendia says:

    When are updates? I need to know which days to look forward to.

    • Lyn says:

      Wednesdays in the evening, usually between 5 & 7 EST.

      If there have been donations, bonus content goes up Sundays at the same time.

      • Rendia says:

        Ah. Once again, this leaves me wishing I could afford to donate. These stories are great and you deserve to be paid for them. It’s nice having a distraction from real world stress right now. I have two jobs and still may not make rent.

        • Lyn says:

          Ooof. I understand that situation; I’ve been there.

          If you want to help out, leave comments. Leave a review or tell your friends – all these things help me in the long run.

          (Also? Reviews count as donations. See “Want more.”)

  3. Eseme says:

    Well, the spam people want to sell us chairs? It could be worse, I guess.

    So showing up late means my comments are here to stay? Huh, I guess that is a bonus.

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